1. D

    It's kind of sad really...

    I remember playing this mod all the way back in 2003 when I was still in high school. It was awesome - it had a great style of gameplay, had a decent community of people playing it. Lots of people were into DBZ so it had great potential for further growth too - of course content wise it was...
  2. Stuart

    What kind of hobbies or things you do for fun guys?

    For me I have a ssshhhhhiiiiiiiitttt load of stuff(hobbies) it goes...hrmm.....Building,cooking,photography, drawing,stone or wood carvings, making clay figures, racing, working out, eating,writing, "practicing makin babies" :D,workin on cars and electronics, playing ma guitar and playing...
  3. greenblur

    Gabe Newell *kind of* tallks about ESF

    Not really, but you have to admit it's dead on. aGKHbEY <- remove space and skip to 4:34
  4. Painkiller

    've you guys ever had this kind of dream?

    Well.. when I'm dreaming something I often start to get this Let me tell you one of my dreams I was for some reason with my cousin and a friend in Metallica's studio. It was fun, knowing Metallica and all. But the strange part is, that they wanted us to play with them. Ok... Everyone played...
  5. Mous4u

    What Kind Of Camaera Type Is Going to be In 1.3?

    hi mous4u just one question what kind of camera is going to be in 1.3 i kind of what the same as the OB camera but just asking you guys what camera is going to be in 1.3?
  6. Snowm@n

    I kind of a bug

    Get goku into ssj2. Push Alt+TAB, wait 5 minutes maximize the game and you'll see the triple of the sparks.
  7. A

    If any1 is so kind

    hi i have a lot of problems with my ESF i tried and looked at every bug/bugfix and i still cant get my game to work ... so could any1 pls UPLOAD the full Clinet of ESF i mean then one that u use to run or ESF normal so pls could any1 do me this favor ? tnx
  8. Dokutayuu

    What kind of character would you be?

    This is basically a thread where you post what role/characteristics you would have in an Anime/Manga. Try to use your imagination and think logically (woah juxtaposition) to display your position. Personally, I don't think I could be the leading male because I really can't take anything...
  9. M

    What kind of job do you have?

    If you have a job, state what it is and what you do.
  10. X

    some other kind of question

    since there has always been an alpha and beta version , are you guys also making a non beta version , or are we all participants in an beta that evolving ?? if so i know enough :D thnx
  11. Denz

    Teh Robots...all kind!

    I was searching for some gundam pics and run on this scroll down to see the "Walking Gundam Robot" secks also if this is old news dont flame me...
  12. M

    Some Kind of Bowser Signature

  13. Skyrider

    What kind of fighter are you?

    Sorry about the last thread, never knew the thread would be created first when the poll wasn't even created yet. I've removed the other thread, and enhanced the poll questions in this one. Please vote! And as for me, I'm an attacker. I rather keep attacking my enemy directly, and keeping close...
  14. Killface

    What kind of computer case do you have?

    I have an MGE Viper ATX gaming computer case. Oh, and pictures would be nice.
  15. V

    what kind of setup

    What kind of setup creator is ESF using?:warning: plz awnser me. Thank you
  16. Killface

    What kind of car do you have?

    I have a 1996 Chevy Beretta Z26 V6 Sports Coupe. It has 156 horsepower, 113,000 miles, and the gas mileage is good for a V6. 21 City, 29 Highway. Alright, anyone else can post theres, just try to post some detailed info about the car... if you know it.
  17. Jakut

    What kind of phobia do you have?

    Does anyone of you have a phobia? If yes than write how it started or how you found out that you had one :P I have arachnophobia. I really didnt care much about spiders till the end of last summer. I was sitting on my chair chatting on msn when suddenly i noticed something tingling my...
  18. T

    what kind of cell phone do you have..

    in this forum you see the type of cell the person has rate it from 1/10 then say what cell you have and so on
  19. G

    What kind of MOUSE are you using?

    I just got curious what mouse everyone is using so plz post your mouse..if you have a "unusual" mouse plz post pics so i can see. My self i use mostly Logitech MX1000 but when iam gaming i use MX500.
  20. V

    esfb123.exe refuse any kind of destination folder...

    I used to have half life 1 on a drive...I uninstalled it and an old version of esf long ago... Now that I got Half life 2 and half life source, if I try to install earthspecial force 1.2.3 ,when I got to choose the install location it propose my former half life folder (on a drive which doesn't...