1. P

    Ryoko Wallpaper

    im messing around with efx in adobe, cos im a newbie at it, so i made this ryoko wallpaper, what do u lot think?
  2. Chimpbot

    I finally decide to show off some of my work..

    Well, here ya go guys. Proto Man without his helmet :D I get bored at work, so I tend to sketch. Keep in mind that this was done with a pen in roughly..10-20 minutes at the VERY most. Well.....enjoy! :D
  3. Ryoko

    A Ryoko Drawing and CG

    Here she is! In all here glory. Opinions now! -_-
  4. J

    Shogo Mod: Ninja Model

    We made the ninja model now. Its all ready for skinning now: (Model By: Xstortionist On the shogo team)
  5. R

    My 1st nearly finished model

    Well for the first time I've actually come close to finishing a model... From what I understand this model isn't really usable.. but it's one more step closer to victory... Theres still quite a bit of things that need tweaked... but I figured If i'm not going to be able to use it... why go...
  6. [SSj]~Piccolo

    Kind of Shield

    I think it would be nice if at least few chars had some kind of energy shield. It doesn't have to be very strong, but it should absorb the whole damage done by a ki blast. This is because I think the ki blast is probably one of the best weapons, because you can't block it. If you block, you...


    I was woundering if any one new where i could get a Modle template which i could use in milkshape 3d caus ei can never get the body or facial features right so if any kind people could send or give me a link to a basic model i would verry much appreciate it :)
  8. B


    Heres a link to my deviantart page i now that they suck but please post some comments/critasim(sp?) My Page BrunO
  9. MONXver1.5


    Fill the end of namek map with lava in the middle, 1.looks cooler, 2. no noob can attack from down there and run away.:fight:
  10. B

    My gun model

    Ok, don't be to harsh. This is my first model that I've ever gone this far with. I did it with a side reference of a Beretta 92FS (not elite). it was tough because the angle was kind of from the bottom. It doesn't have details like the safety, sights and even the hammer yet but I will...
  11. H

    A model of Master Roshi

    Hey, Could somebody make a Master Roshi model, it would be cool. He would smash the enemy with his super-stik and that kind of stuff, and atleast we would have a funny character. LOL, don't you agree? :D
  12. Darkness

    WORLDCRAFT HELP (be kind its xmas)

    can someone tell me why when i compile a map intot he esforces map file it dosnt appear on the map list its a bsp file and when i compare the properties of another esf map they are identical it will run from WC but not the game please help
  13. K

    New sigmakers in town

    We are not the greatest, but we get a good, quick job done. Koblano (me) and .F.M. are now open for sigmaking. You can catch us on AIM (alphakoblano or Axel 1010) or just ask us in a post. WE ARE NOT COMPETING WITH THE COMMUNITY!!! We are just bored of not doing anything, and decided to...
  14. Hibiki


    here is yet another ssj goku... this is my first model edit so shut up 16..... :P ps the reason the hair looks kind of funky is because i didnt add any new polys..
  15. V

    Warez, cracks and hacks

    ANYONE who asks for any form of warez, crack or hack of ANY KIND will be banned from the forums, and possibly get their submask hard-coded into ESF as a BAN. In other words, you'd NEVER be able to play ESF again. Allowing ppl to ask for/exchange warez in our forums makes ALL of us reliable...
  16. M

    Combat-Hamster Come here...

    Combat(cardiak) I think I have the bricks you can use but I dont know what kind of windows so try to get on icq at about 9:00 or 9:30 est on 12/7/01 or 12/8 or 12/9, so I can see if the bricks are right then I'll try to get a window in.
  17. K

    anyone have a regestration code and name for milkshape if so please tell me im

    if u can give me ur regestration and name for milkshape i would apreciate it thx
  18. fatmanterror

    SSJ Future Trunks(short hair kind)

    hey i was bored last night so i edited the trunks from ESF and the SSJ trunks from DMZ and came up with this, its kinda crude right now, has some rough ends but by the time anybody reads this ill probly have the skin alot better (better face, sleeves) SSJ Trunks just to let all know...
  19. B

    Please... Very important. Be kind and help

    :cry: :cry: :cry: I am very excited about this mod, i remember the previous release and it was my fav mod.. Now the new release is here and i am estatic. However, To my dismay, i have not been able to get the mod to work... It is the ever famous Client.DLL error (cannot load library ETC) ANd...
  20. K

    Can someone make me a vegeta sig and host it

    Can someone makeme a vegeta sig with Vegeta On the left side and goku on the right and in the middle put a veggeto making a huge blast