1. S

    Can't join games, but I can create... HELP!

    I can make my own game but cannot join other games. Before I wasn't able to create because there weren't any maps, but I just moved the maps to my HL folder instead of ESF map folder. I really want to join a game, please help, BTW it says I haven't installed the custom game(ESF) when I...
  2. S

    I can create but not join games...What is going on?

    I can make a game just fine, but when I try to join a game, it says something about not having the custom game installed.
  3. X

    Click this and JOIN MY ARMY!!! can u help out a gurl here??

    all u have to do is click this link DO NOT CLICK THE LINK :o and then follow the directions click the number it tells u to and click "Join Army" u have to register but its totally free and its a fun game plus i need strong guys to help me out ;) i appreciate it lots of luv and kisses tank...
  4. P

    ESF Crashes when i join a server

    if i join a server it crashes instantly and i dont know what to do!! help me please :scared:
  5. M

    join esfizzle

    join our clan: ESFizzle (a part of TDM) It is a very cool clan. :yes: the url is Advertising is teh Suck
  6. R

    Steam - Can't join any esf servers

    Ok... I've had esf on steam for quite a while until i reinstalled it and steam.. every other 3rd party game works but esf. I try and play and it says the server cant find my steam id ticket or somethin.. does anyone know whats wrong?
  7. X

    cant join a game!

    i just installed esf (iv played it before) and when i try to join a game it says unable to join a game operating under a different protocol version (or something like that) plz help ps: i love this game
  8. Jonesdaniel

    Join a server and *poof* halflife dissapears

    It gives no errors at all, just goes back to the desktop. I wouldn reinstall halflife but my bro has lost the disk.... Any help would be pretty nice
  9. S

    I get an error when i join a game...

    I get the error: "Failed to load library cl_dlls/client.dll" when i try to join a game... Any help? Thanx =)
  10. T


    YES JOIN CLAN TTK AND PM ME OR REPLY W? INFO ABOUT WHAT U CAN DO!!! also im used 2 clans i have one on 4 starcraft!^_^
  11. L

    how do i join a game

    hey i got it installed i click on the desktop icon and all it does is bring up cs. what do i do
  12. M

    i cant join any games

    i have been trying and trying......i run windows xp i dont know if that has anything to do with it but when i put quickstart i get this box that says requesting servers and it shows many ips.....also when i play multi online it doesnt make the connection it goes by many servers and just doesnt...
  13. A

    Cant join servers

    During the part where it starts to join a game and the console usually opens up. It just closes the game and goes back to windows And when i try to open it thru gamespy, gamespy just minimizes then opens again
  14. Gama

    Who Would Like To Join My Team

    Im Creating A Dbz Mod For Quake III And Need Some More Modelers And Skins If You Would Like To Join Reply Me :P Any One Like My Sig :D P.S. I Change It Because My Last Sig Was Too Big LoL
  15. Gama

    I Want To Join The ESF Team

    I Would Like To Join The ESF Team But Don't Know How Can Anyone Help Me? :devgrin:
  16. S

    How do you join power battles?

    I play ESF with my friends, and they always ask me to join the power battles. When I try to, I mostly end up killing my friend. Can somebody please help me to join power battles properly!!!!
  17. M

    cant seem to join

    ok 2 main problems... one, whenever i try and connect to a game, it wont let me connect, just times out, (only happens in esf) two, i was playing on my created server, and sometimes i can play, but sometimes when i start and select my char, it says, 'please remove colored models to play...
  18. S

    Kid Goku!

    Hi, what do you think about my kid goku whit his Powerpoll, it´s not done yet so critesize all you want, the animations are done, just the head and the skin! Greatings: Ran-D Kid Goku
  19. Skyrider

    All seeing eye! want to join servers? look in this thread.

    frist download all seeing eye at look in the right and click on N.america or Europe to download the Program.. Next when installed. and you launched the program you see a small box popping up with the titel: SETUP WIZARD. and you see welcome to all...
  20. Skyrider

    Lan join crash conflict.

    its really simpel. my bro and i want to play on a server. a ns server or cs server. or whatever mod. when my bro/ or me join the same server. 1 of us 2 gets kicked out OR gets a connection problem. it seems its a lan conflict. i hope someone knows the anser. cuz we really want to join...