1. sub

    Jesus and Pals (JAP)

    I'm making a game. I'm going to play it safe by understating my goals for the game, and the value, impact, and importance it will have on the world -- It's going to be the defining moment in human history. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to JAP. What's the concept?: It's Super Smash...
  2. D

    Does anyone in here have Berserk- Jap for PS2?

    I'm looking for someone who has this game, along with whats required to play with it with your PS2 (which probably isnt allowed here so lets not talk about it) Berserk is probably a one time play through game and I was wondering if someone would possibly want to sell it if they had it? I've...
  3. PiXel

    Damn i cant decide! *jap*

    or my cuncurretnly sig :-\ i cant decide man! :] i wont going to change anything.
  4. .Maze

    Jap ESf Sounds ?

    Hi , i dont reall yknow where to putmy Request. but does anyone have the Original ESF Jap Sounds ? I dint wanna reinstall my ESF just for the joy of Jap Sounds.
  5. T

    how do i get the game to speak english instead of playing jap

    ok i just installed 1.2.1 and now the game is just all in jap how do i get it back into english
  6. T

    Jap Voices

    How in the hell do i turn them off!? I want english instead..
  7. E

    Jap voices??

    yeah there was probably a sticky but i could see one.... can someone tell me how to activate them with out over writing my english ones... thanx
  8. FreeDoM

    Budokai 2 Jap.

    Does anyone own Budokai 2 from japan?
  9. Gogeta91

    jap koola soundpack

    I mad a jap koola sounpack and ill be posting a link soon.
  10. imkongkong

    jap pack

    will the jap pack be released in 1.1??
  11. V

    Goku Jap. Sounds

    Hi Now i have finish my first soundpack for esf. its a japaneese soundpack for goku.Only the pain sounds are not avaible. Please rate! Click here for download on my site
  12. S

    Jap sounds

    Hi all, I'm lookin for anybody who can supply me with high-quality sounds from the original (japanese) version of DBZ. I'm looking for the following sounds: 1) Kamehameha 2) Any Vegetto sounds, specifically attacks, but pain sounds work too. 3) The background music for Vegetto when fighting...
  13. G

    Hmmm, could some one make a USSJ Goku?

    I saw goku once become a USSJ and if some one could make a model for esf i will be very happy 10x;)
  14. Align

    Translations!(for those that dont know Jap)

    So I'll just ask what beams & stuff means in English/what English stuff is called in Japanese, in the format of Jap<--->Eng I dont know any myself, so thats why Im asking. ? <---> Special Beam Cannon ? <---> Final Flash ? <---> Mouthblast ? <---> Candy attack ? <---> Big Bang ? <--->...
  15. <DeurWaardeR>

    Looking for the name of a jap cartoon

    cartoons in the Netherlands suck!!! years ago is started to watch dbz in Portugal, and i still watch it.;) But a couple of years ago i saw a jap cartoon that was cool!! in portugeese it was called: samurai x. the main charicter was a samurai with long red hair (name:kentjin or something...
  16. SSj SpoT-ShooT

    Jap sounds

    I think that the new version of ESF should use the origional sounds from the show in Japan. First because the big bang attack sounds MUCH cooler, and because the american kamehameha sounds dorkey! just my thoughts! :D
  17. S

    Soon this will be..

    I got just a few more posts before i can get my custom avatar up. so i wanted to see wat u guys thought of it. i made it this time :D
  18. F

    Jap Sound pack ?

    There is any jap sound pack ? i see in the dev journal of freedom he'll release it very soon . if there any pak can you tell me where i can take it tHx PEoPle;D
  19. S

    **Dragonballz Soundpack** (for real)

    I am releasing my 1st Dragonballz sound pack and it includes great quality sounds, as well as some of my all time favorites. I didn't do any special organization sorry but this is a warning. The sounds are named in what sound folder they go into so they aren't the specific file name (ie...
  20. B

    What happend to the Jap Pack

    What happend to the Jap Pack? Also will it include any japenese music mp3 songs