1. Suh Dude

    A Michael Jackson MMO...

    http://www.planetmichael.com ... :-/
  2. Mous4u

    In Memory Of Micheal Jackson Thread. (1958 - 2009)

    Ok This time i am in general chat so dont worry about spam. now do you like Micheal Jackson (R.I.P 1958 - 2009) in this thread we say a speech about micheal jackson - bad or good - also it dosent matter how old the thread is cause Micheal Jackson will will never ever be forgotten MESSAGE:EVEN...
  3. Mous4u

    Micheal Jackson - Thriller (ALL LYRICS

    LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED SHALL'WE Micheal Jackson - Thriller It’s Close To Midnight And Something Evil’s Lurking In The Dark Under The Moonlight You See A Sight That Almost Stops Your Heart You Try To Scream But Terror Takes The Sound Before You Make It You Start To Freeze As Horror...
  4. Optimus Prime

    Michael Jackson is DEAD

  5. N

    Lidell Vs Jackson *Spoilers*

    Ok..I was shocked to see lidell go down soooo fast...i was expecting a great fight and he went down within 2 minutes...Wow..I mean Jackson looks scary as hell and if i was a gambling man, i would have gambled on Jackson. But I was still shocked to see lidell go down :( Hopefully, a rematch will...
  6. SailorAlea

    Peter Jackson: Making a Game.. again?

    I was watching the news, and all of a sudden there's an inane story about Peter Jackson "breaking into the gaming market." Am I wrong, or did Peter Jackson not already try to make a game--the abysmally crappy King Kong game? Meh. I liked the LOTR movies, but King Kong--the movie--was rather...
  7. Hash

    Me rocking.......micheal jackson?

    With all the guitar threads popping up, I thought I might as well make my own as well. So I was sitting there with my camera, realizing it has a tiny memory card and can only take 43 second videos. After some thinking I remembered that I could throw down some micheal jackson sweetness in the...
  8. Kurt`

    So Jackson is INNOCENT on ALL counts...

    I KNEW he was innocent! lol Ok well, I think he did it, but I knew he'd walk. Your thoughts?
  9. lust

    and i thought michael jackson was...

  10. P

    MICHAEL JACKSON makin trunks look bad

    wow how ugly! poor trunks.... INCLUDES BLOODY HANDS!!!!!! funny!
  11. tekhsheen


    :scared: omfg, i have skinned trunks to be micheal jacson... HOW SCARY O_O note: look at this picture and you WILL have a nightmare!!!! :devgrin:
  12. VivaLaPineapple

    disco dude

    this will play much better if u put the jackson 5 - give me one more chance http://www.geocities.com/socketto/discoproj.swf copy and paste the link
  13. |Da|K|

    Any One Like Jackson 5??

    i like jackson 5 :p i only like one song (i want you back) BUTT THERE COOL!!
  14. jeff_d5

    Michael Jackson - good or bad??

    Do you still like him (a question for those who watched both his documentary's) i like his music and from the two interviews he sounds like a nice guy being picked on by the media. as the much music person said its up to us (the people) to decide is MJ a good harted person or a total weirdo...
  15. P

    Michael Jackson

    just a thread about what you think about him and stuff, im kind of board, and playing a MJ song, and also talking to awol about it in irc... x.x so anyways, i think he is cool, I dont belive the crap about "he was trying too kill his kid by throwing him out thw window" or "he likes little...