1. N


    When i try to instal the game i get thru the first two steps but whe i get to the part were i click install the button wont light up for for me to click
  2. X

    please help me!!! i have problem with the EVM instalation! please come in and help

    O.K i downloded EVM from ESF-WORLD and i installed it in: SIERRA\Half-Life\esf and nothing hapend! something wrong in that file...and i wander if somone can give me please link to a good EVM and write to me how and wher i install that?? pleaseeee!!!!!!1 its very important to me!!
  3. W


    hi i am running cs of steam so i dont have a hl.exe and i cant install esf
  4. A

    Problem with instalation

    I download esf v 1.2 full 213mb. When I install esf i hale problem, i don now what to do.
  5. B


    Hi , i've got a problem, i baught Half life2 on DVD (counterstrike source....), instaled on my computer. I baught on the net Half life 1:source with steam it's appears in my "steam/steamapps/username/" i want to play ESF but i don't know how please tel me if it's possible to play with HL1...
  6. V

    A little help with instalation?

    Hey, I have just bought Half Life 2 Special Edition which has counter strike with it, will this work with esf? if so where do i install it all to?
  7. S

    Problem with the instalation of ESF 1.2.1 Patch

    I have hl instaled and esf 1.2 instaled, and when i run the instaler of the patch and specific the folder of esf it says "Error: ESF Could not be found on selected destination. Please choose again." well i put the right path of the esf "C:\Sierra\Half-Life\esf" thanks for help :) :)
  8. S

    instalation help

    i have downloaded it i have half-life in steam but when i try instal the esf mod to steam apps that half life thiung it says not found where i must install
  9. Lethal_Vegetto

    What is ESF Lite Instalation?

    I see this esf lite installation on esf world. I dont know if that means if it will owrk only with steam, or what? O_o
  10. C

    ESF 1.2 Instalation problems

    I'm trying to install ESF on steam. On the manual it says the first step is too install steam *DONE* 2) Run Half-Life once so that Steam has the files and directories required by ESF's installer. *DONE* 3) Install ESF beta 1.2 using the installer from this page. This is where i have the...
  11. VeTaNaToR

    instalation problems

    well first i unwised 1.1 then i tried to instal 1.2 and it didnt ask if i wantet to use steam or won then when i try to play weird things happen like when i throw the guy im throwing disappears while i swing him and reapears when i throw him plus when i melee adv melee that is my char disappears...
  12. E

    EVM Instalation

    i have downloaded EVM, EVM mini mod, EVM patches 1-4, EVM Model packs, EVM Taunts & VGUI. in what order do i install them??
  13. E

    Steam instalation

    ok i downloaded: Steam, ESF Steam, EVM, and i have Half Life installed. What order do i install them in?
  14. I


    esfbeta11 is the last release not? i have dl. this from 2 difrent links (gamespy . ausergame or something) but the installer isent responding :cry:
  15. M

    instalation help

    after i download the esf mod, how do i install it to half life?
  16. H

    Instalation error

    Hie alls Im sending a message because i cant instal the game with mp3... Does some one knows what should i do help me!
  17. K

    Key configuration problem and Bot instalation problem

    Hi folks! I just downloaded Beta 1.1 and the bots but I have some problems. I uninstalled Beta 1.0 and deleted the remaining ESF folder before installing. After instalation everything is well except that I can't configure the keypad keys. I used to have KEYP_1 for jump but now I have...
  18. V


    if you dont know how to start ESF!! First install <--- new update for half-life .. then start halflife.exe ( hl.exe ) , Go to custem game menu, and click on earth special forces beta, and click on activate, i have CS 1.5 retail version will this mod work? First install <---...
  19. K

    admin instalation

    i need help installing admin mod for esf..its in my esf already...but when i create a game it kix me out and says sumthing bout i must do sum thin in my admin file but i dont know wut to do !! H3LP!!!!(+ imma make a server with nutin but custom maps :))
  20. P


    Sorry to bother you... this question as probably been asked and answerd, but i only download the installer 10 minutes ago, and what i want to know is where do i install the game to? I have Counter-Strike and i Don't want to mess it up Thanks