1. Mr. Satans

    More Bugs n Stuff (Screens Included)

    These Are All About The Scouter Except For One [1] This one is about what is AROUND the scouter. Look closely (Can Also Be Seen In The Scouters Below). [2] This is a problem with the DBs. The scouter shows a DB where I am standing yet there is none, not to mention I'm not even in CTDB...
  2. S

    for the ESF_TEAM

    ey ESF_TEAM how are u guys i have a question: How many maps are left or are they all done and: whats left for he beta Models are done, maps dont know?, so whats left? but u guys do a great job!:D
  3. Z

    yo guys , new sign i made

    yo guys , new sign i made, opnions plz. Hi , im new here , so i made this banner for me to have in this forum. I have a website to wich i have banners , artowork, wallapapers and flashbanners too. Here it is if anyone wants to check it out...
  4. R

    Where I find skins ?

    Where i can find the gohan, krillin and buu - skin ?????? When I play the game i have grey model.......... Please Help :cry:
  5. D

    Check in station W.I.P

    im (very slowly) working on a map for esf, its of the check in station, where you go when you die here is my refence photo: im still a noob to mapping so dont expect anything fancy, im thinking of making it scaled down because i think the...
  6. S

    SSJ 4 Goku

    Has anyone ever made that. I've never seen one if u see one can you tell me. My friend tryed but only got the upper body then quit. So i never really got to see it
  7. I


    Map i made got bord so i made it -The rocks are all breakable i think i knwo some oare not sure -fixed it so it wont hella lag -]Downloadit HERE] tried it otu its ok pretty fun :) have fun er the link dont work so just go here copy that...
  8. K

    Pepper City, Breaking bits off

    Could you guys make it so that in pepper city you could blow some of the parts off with you attacks, i think it would be so much more like DBZ if the attacks you did, did damge to the things when u miss (or when u don't :P). You could do a little every update till it gets to a point where you...
  9. SoN GaMBiT

    Some questions....

    1. Do you use a specific Skeleton, like the HL skeleton that's included with M3D, or do you make your own skeleton? 2. ...i stupid...yesterday i got about 5 questions...BUT MY HEAD IS EMPTY.... i will go on, when I remember..... ... Thx for Reply *G*