1. Heron

    Illegal Activity

    This short clip shows about how some youths in the UK deal in drugs and how they operate, It passes on from one person to the next usually in an order of descending age. The british gangster dialect may make this very hard to understand. One must watch this to the end to find out why I would...
  2. Mkilbride

    What the crap, Denmark? Reporting rape is illegal?
  3. Mkilbride

    McDonalds toys illegal in California Yup.
  4. M

    CD Ripping Illegal?

  5. vinay87

    Is Daemon Illegal?

    The local player cannot be kicked! Writing banned.cfg. >> [ HellFire ] >> [ (c) Lord of Destruction 2005 ]  >> [ Daemon detected ] >> [ Vinay ] >> [ #ME ]  >> [ STEAM_ID_LAN ] >> [ loopback ]  >> [ Have a nice Stay in Hell ***** OK this is what my ESF is saying. In the console, after...
  6. Ness

    A problem

    I made a map,I compiled the .bsp file, it appears on the maplist on ESF, but wen i try 2 run it, It comes up with an HL has performed an illegal operation. Plz help!!thnx in advance
  7. S

    ESF Illegal Operation

    Every Mod that i have works except for ESF it use to work fine. But i stopped playing for a week then wanted to play and now i get and Illegal operation while its Spooling Data. Its the only mod i have that does it and i reinstalled hal-life 2 times and i reinstalled the mod 2 times if anyone...
  8. -{VC}-EsKiMo

    i just got a mapping program and need help

    can some one pla tell where tutarails r so i can make somthink other than a box with lights in it plz help.o_o o_o o_o o_o o_o
  9. T

    Ps7 Error!!!!!!

    I downloaded trial version of adobe and this error came up. So everytime i try and use something it crashes PLEASE HELP!!
  10. P


    hey how do you go about modifing the .mdl animations, like what programs are used, etc.
  11. S

    Where can i get photoshop from??

    hi can any 1 tell me where i can get photoshop from plzz i realy wish to start skinning
  12. D

    Milkshape Registration

    Ok, I download Milkshape 3d version 1.6.5 from the official site. I wanna do that CS Girl tutorial. Anyway, I go and use Milkshape for however many days. Then, just recently, it said my version had expired and I can't save and I have to register. I ***** about it to my friends and one of them...
  13. PiXel

    please help photoshop i needd that

    hi i need photoshop cann u give me a download please:)
  14. H

    made a lil gif

    well i uh made this thing and it took me a good hour and a half because i had no idea what program would just take a clip of a movie and turn it into a gif and no one would help :S so i played the movie frame by frame and print screened on each frame then paisted in paint and saved each frame...
  15. D

    Illegal operation!

    Please tell me how to fix illegal operations... I have done everything ... Done a clean install... Put fmod in the right folder...Updated Why wont this work! Im dying to play this game it looks so cool! ( also to the people who are creating this game Thankyou! :) )
  16. S

    Modelling Program Features

    Modelling Program Features gmax poly modelling tools = yes box modelling tools = yes particle systems = no rendering system = no biped animation = no (impretty sure as Character studio costs $$) bone animation = yes IK system animation = no (a charatcer studio thing) good...
  17. B

    More Car Photo Manips.

    My Edit:- Devianart Link Original:- Comments and Crits welcome. BrunO
  18. K

    Illegal Operation still happing ARGH!

    HL caused an invalid page fault in module HL.DLL at 015f:088602c9 i copied that from the details part I don't know what to do! i love your mods But I'm unable to play it!!
  19. K

    ARGH! illegal operation!

    I don't know if this is a known bug or one your working on fixing, and sorry if it is, but Every time i play ESF i'l go in, Host Sever on the Net i'll be playing and out of no where It will Crash! Illegal operation! I can't stand it!! Please Help!!! ------------------------ P.S. I...
  20. Guerilla

    I need help making models

    I currently map allot, but im curious on modeling, how am i going to find tutorials for milk-shape? please post links, AND i know this is a bit "illegal" but where can i get the milkshape 3d "H@ck" i don't want to have 30 days and thats all, im to cheap to pay for it.. hehe if you...
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