1. hleV

    DeathMsg Beam Icons

    I'm suggesting to change DeathMsg display. Now it's: hleV killed madman121 with finalflash In 1.3 it could be: hleV :finalflashicon: madman121 This way it would: look better; not make confusion for players who can't really tell which beam is it by its name (like if you are adding more...
  2. N

    How to replace Icons!?

    I just downloaded an Icon-pack, but I don't know how to replace the old icons with the new ones, so can you help me??
  3. LionHeart

    BYOND icons

    does anyone got some to spare pls? or where i could download some
  4. Mr. Phonso

    crappy desktop icons

    okay so these ****ty desktop icons just appear from no where and so im like wtf? i try to click on the icons, oh great i cant click on it, cant even right click or move the damm icon ive had these ****ty icons on my desktop for the past 2 days and its pissing me off heres a screen shot...
  5. crazykorean10

    who do you make those cool lil icons and stuff

    i always thought that everyone had a cool(pimp) icons and stuff and i was thinking about asking you this like 5 months ago but didnt
  6. T

    icons missing on destop help

    i had a virus yesterday that i got rid of but befor i got rid of it i took all my icons away my explorer i icon looks like a paper the icons still work i wuss wanting to no if theres way to get my icons back media files stuff like that the virus wuss HELLOKITTY.
  7. C

    New hud with cool icons?

    now im know im gonna sound newb but where do i get that new red yellow and green hub that has the cool icons in it like for the spirit bomb it shows instead of a little blue ball it shows goku??
  8. TehMuffinMan

    Funky Pointy Thingy!!!

    righty then... you know the thing thats above your firends/enemys heads... i accidently turned them into a sphere in a accident... i thought i should redo it so i did... and i ended up with a funky arrow pointing to all your opponents! piccy below! nothing too fancy.. but its the first...
  9. T

    very nice scooter racing yahama aerox ( kinda wallpaper )

    hey i made a kinda wallpaper of a scooter: yahama aerox racing it has very muts detail and very muts work it has about 82 layers edited in photoshop tell me what u think plz thx.
  10. Logan4434

    a wallpaper

    heres my 3rd wallpaper ever.....would like crits plz.....
  11. D

    Help with the avatar icons

    Some one please tell me how to get my own avatar icon because i have a picture i want to use (no its not porn)
  12. TehMuffinMan

    uuh... help??

    hi guys, anyways, i was workin on editing the menu icons for a mod, ive done that and a bit of the background, but now i hit a snag, you know the big sign at the top of half life or esf or any mod, how do i edit it? where it the file?? i keep lookin but i still aint found it... so has anyone got...
  13. TimTheEnchantor

    Dakilla wallpaper..

    Not customized, didn't know what you wanted for text..
  14. G

    windows icons

    does anyone know how to change icons such as the my computer icon? because i cant left click my computer and change the icon. is there a file i can put my icons in?
  15. TimTheEnchantor

    Wallpaper done for my friend..

    The text can be taken out and allowed for your name to be edited in there if you like it enuf :rolleyes:
  16. Loki

    .hack//sign Theme/Icon

    Does anyone know where I can find a theme/icons for this by Theme I meant the whole kit and kaboodle. By Icons I mean like replaceing My computer image with a pic of Tsukoso(example). Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!
  17. TimTheEnchantor

    Logo I was doing...

    I was doing a logo for a forum and it turned out, I discolored it , and it needed to be orange, but i remade it to be orange etc..but here is the original:
  18. F

    First Colab

    Bright Wallpaper - around 100k I think
  19. Mewtwo

    My first Wp

    Well I was looking for a wallpaper of kai from beyblade and I couldn't find even 1, so I decided to make my own. It is my first attempt at a wallpaper ever and I know it's a bit basic but be as harsh as you want, I never mind a bit of constructive criticism. ;)
  20. M

    Need HELP!!

    i made this wallpaper, wich you can see below, but its still sort of.... empty, yeah thats the word, can someone tell me what 2 add?
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