1. Packed Lunch

    ~~~!!!!! modelrequest

    please make an bardock (can get heaps of pics on google images) replaceing goku, along with a ssj model :D thankz.
  2. Tien

    Strongest Human?

    Well who is it? Tien vs Krillen has been debated for years. Heres my 2 cents: Who is stronger... Kuririn or Tenshinhan? This is a very disputed question. In my opinion it is Tenshinhan by far. I really don't understand how anyone can think Kuririn is stronger. Before I get started I just...
  3. DiebytheSword

    The stars are right . . .

    Time for some new stuff, gape in amazement: Cranial Leech Crocodaemon Dragon Unnamable Horror Lich Ogre Feindish Bear All pictures are Atomic Divisions and I would appreciate you not doing anything without permission. :)
  4. Y

    Tien Is Tha Strongest Human!!!

    I just finished watching tha episode where tien comes out and helps gohan. And u could tell that tien is way stonger than krillin and yamcha.
  5. DiebytheSword

    Three more Atomic Divisions conceptual art peices . . . :D

    One of my better ones in a long time. Female Elf Druid(Fixored Linxor :p) Not to shabby . . . the hair came out good. Female Human Cleric Not bad, but not exactly what I wanted. The right hand upsets me :cry: Male Half-Elf Human Rogue Enjoy . . . and cut and paste the link O_o
  6. DiebytheSword

    Atomic Divisions concept art

    Here's some stuff I'm working on for AD. Half Orc Barbarian Elf Ranger Human Barbarian (female) Human Barbarian (male) Cut and paste for the goodies kiddies. And don't forget this stuff is strictly for AD, no ripping or altering without my permission. Thanks ;)
  7. ZuL

    My first human body model...

    I made it for fun, and i didnt think it would get this good, but here it is! one thing that makes it bad, is that i didnt use any mirror style when creating it. Its 50% made by hand, the rest is tesselated :D gotta love tesselating. One thing that bothers me, is that MAX says its 803 polygons...
  8. S

    does a human have a level past a human?

    me wondering if a human could go somethin like a ssj. then that person would be 10 times stonger and faster. then could he only master ki! the human form cant master ki;D
  9. SSj Gotenks

    Tien human or not.......

    I Tien human? I mean it looks like he is human but with that freaky third eye I am not sure.
  10. SA_Gohan


    Good morning from the East Coast! Here's a little Gohan model, Pre-teen Any comments or suggestions you have are appreciated (and needed) Thanks! :D BTW: copy and paste the link into your browser address bar
  11. E

    New Model:

    WIP....what ya think? its my FIRST human model ever....
  12. Z

    Semi-anime human model+skin - final head

    I made some last tweakings to the model and skin, and ended up with this: (copy and paste URL) The hair is a separate model, and isnt final. So, what's this model? Its the base human model for an RPG game in development called Elium...
  13. M

    Gohan model

    made this a while ago and never got around to finishing the hair or muscle tone. still, take a peek and enjoy the.... roundness. take a look at the index for a few other models (non...
  14. G

    Support the Human Revolution

  15. Midgaard

    Human crap

    hey whats the deal with that in 2002 there will be this ssj model and that one !?!?! do u think kuririn is useless, a worthless piece of mud !?!?! before doing ssj models finish him first PPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!!! (with love from a kuririn fan) BTW does the...
  16. D

    Raditz beta

    Here's the beta of raditz. i wroked on it for 4 hours because i had to figure out how to make the hair like this. i'll make the legs tommorrow. So soon there will be pics.
  17. Akhkaru

    Me trying to model

    Ok, I've been wanting to model characters since 1 1/2 yrs. ago, I want some tutorials for Milkshape 3d, the free vers. thanks
  18. G

    Strongest Human??

    TIEN OFCOURSE :laff: