1. Denz

    superman cave

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  2. TourPallanen

    HTML for MOTD???

    Hi there you know how in Counter-strike you can have a website as the MOTD? I was wondering if you can do the same with ESF? any help would be appreciated thanks :)
  3. LionHeart

    Html issue

    Ok so I built a site in html using dreamweaver. But when I want to send the site to a friend to check it out the pictures don't appear for him, I don't want to host the site on the internet so is there anyway to compact all the pages,pictures and stuff into just one file that can be viewed?
  4. M

    HTML Frames

    So what's the news on HTML frames? Are they outdated, out of style? I'm messing around with a small website I made in HTML which originally didn't have frames, but I'm considering adding them. I'm wondering though is there anything better or more efficient than using frames?
  5. Skyrider

    VBulletin HTML Post Question

    I'm rather curious on this one. Is there any way i can add HTML in threads / posts with VBulletin? And i don't mean this forum, but another one. I'm not sure exactly how, with a tag or... ? Thanks!
  6. Keiha

    HTML Problems

    Hey im helping someone with their website but im having a hard time with putting images in the right order and place on this one page. It looks perfect in Firefox but it overlaps in IE. Can someone who is very good with HTML (I say very good because I want to get it done properly and well) add...
  7. Ravendust

    Help with HTML

    I've had a free site going for a while which sort of acts as my blog/picture datebase, but recently I put some images in the 'links' column and suddenly all the links were sent to the bottom of the page instead of beside the posts where they were before. I tried removing the pics and restoring...
  8. V

    html help

    hey you know some sites have an aim icon telling u if a person is on aim or not i would like to know how to do that thnx in advance
  9. T

    HTML Help

    I am a fairly new web designer, i would like to know what you folks recommend as far as apps, I just got Dreamweaver MX and I love it, im looking for anything else i can use make my html coding less tedious please help!
  10. Mr. Satans


    It would be nice (for server admins especially) to have HTML added into ESF like it is in CS. This isn't an "OMG WE NEED THIS NOW!!" type of thing but it would be beneficial to server admins and would be nice for making AMX plugins for ESF.
  11. A

    HTML Tuts

    Ok so..... Is it okay if u guys post ur tuts for html? I only guy 1 tut and it didn't teach me that well. So plz give me some tuts. The tut I found is: so plz post ur tuts
  12. Mr. Satans


    Are there any plans on implimenting the whole HTML thing for MOTDs into ESF? It's in CS (and I think HL/TFC) by default.
  13. SSjGohan12345

    Html programers

    Hi all html programmers, i need a little help, how do u put pictures in the page with a page not online, im making one i just want to put a picture on whilst ofline before i host oniline (i mean from my hard drive), thanks in advance
  14. M

    html in signatures.

    It's getting really annoying having my font turn super small and blue just because some people decide not to close the html in their sig. Maybe you could just make a vB code for center and flash and stuff? Edit: And if you wanted the stats on the side like it was before the Gamma release...
  15. AnThEm

    HTML Help

    How would i make it so if somone clicks on my sig they get sent to my site?
  16. Death The Jedi

    Post your first PS thing

    There's mine.. it was called Apparations.. post yours
  17. I

    Vegeta Thread II

    dont know what happened to my other thread ;/ i think it just went dead all together... well im re-opening a thread... check it out *critz*
  18. N

    USSJ Goku by Nicho

    As the title says its a drawing of goku, I just got my new How to draw books to day, they are really cool, I'm only on the first few pages in one, but I can't wait to start drawing action poses.. (Image ) And just for the record.. This drawing would be my second time ever drawing a SSJ and my...
  19. N

    Katana man by Nicho

    Hey guys, drew another picture just for fun, hehe. Click Here! Crits/Comments plz.. Thanks Please also feel free to cheak out my new site ' Generic Studios 'here.
  20. A

    CC trunks

    critz, coments, and.. yea.. Pikkon is being finished, hes being skinned. :D