1. .FM.

    piccolo splash?

    what you think? :S
  2. VivaLaPineapple

    which sig?

    which version is better?
  3. E

    small taste of namek map and i mean small heh!

    my avatar will now be the small way of showing my progress on my current map project.. here is namek to the left.
  4. OneWingedAngel

    Sig should Me use?

    I'm wondering which Sig should I use so i'll post a poll
  5. Megasaxon

    RR Dude Lives, or something, just looky here!

    welp, finished my latest wallpaper: Deviantart Link: http://www.deviantart.com/view.php?id=516538 thats the da image, heh, couldn't be bothered doing another one just for here :), so yeah. look
  6. Majin Vegeta 05

    Is There A Majin Vegeta Skin out there?

    I am new to ESF and i can't even install it lol i am trying and any ways if some one knows where to get a majin vegeta model plz e-mail me at [email protected]com or post the URL on this Posting place thnx
  7. MONXver1.5


    And here we see what Hibiki usally wears to work.
  8. I

    NEW MODEL ryuno check it!!!

    my latest model just finished it!!!!!! it is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!(i think it is) feed back plz
  9. S

    Is it possible to render with G Max?

    Well is it possible to render with G Max? Come on. you guys/girls have to tell me. i'll do anything
  10. A

    Fear The Mod Pui Pui Pic

  11. R

    I just have to say this

    it started about 1 a 2 months ago..i ripped the vegeta ned made very very stupid......(i can post pics later if u want) before that day al of my models sucked so bad:)........and me being foolish and ripped a model(tha vegeta from ned) the next day i was banned on 2 forums dbq and bfp...my...
  12. L

    How Do I Make Maps

    how do i make maps? email me at:[email protected] or post something here plz!
  13. S


    well, i made my own cinder skin, and i cant skin worth a ****, so here ya go... i tried to go for the evil look, and i used joe's boots and pants just till i finish my own... heres a pic of my n00b skin...
  14. Antoine3323


    Would anyone mind makin a Brolli model for me or just makin a skin for him or somethin??? I would really appreciate!! :) Also, Dabura and the Supreme Kai (Shin) would be coo too!!! :)
  15. D

    Drawing Contest

    just decided to have one =) im too damn tired of all these people posting stupid sigs and not much drawing
  16. xstortionist

    my blank-man model for my online comic

    here he is. I just started this last week but i haven't really been able to work on him cause ive been busy with baseball and my enw web page. i've spent about a whole 30 minutes on him.
  17. D

    Attention All Sig Makers

    i am thinking of starting a sig makers clan or guild... tell me what u think. and tell me if you want to join...
  18. S

    How do you like your cell games?

    I have made 5 different cell games maps... they all include my ring which is pretty damn close to the actual show.... I base all my maps off episodes and screen rips.... I need to know how people woulda like to play cell games... Options: (1) Small Land Area but high sky box so lots of...
  19. L

    Hey I'm New

    Heh I just Joined this forum after my friend told about this website. what do you think of my sig. its like 5 months old but i'm hoping to finish a new one by the end of this week.
  20. Ecchi Pr0n


    i have a relley cool map all i need to know is how to make things brack and how to strcth textures and sky images