1. M

    Heh church to sue sony? Over resistance?!

    Wow i mean hot damn if sony wasn't having a bad enough time with people saying this and that was better then ps3, now the churches want to sue sony over resistance... Check this out if u haven't seen it. http://www.gametrailers.com/umwatcher.php?id=71730
  2. M

    Heh, a Sasuke pic

  3. S

    Heh, funny easter egg in the Apocalypto trailer

    http://www.apple.com/trailers/touchstone/apocalypto/large.html A little before the screaming monkey. Just go back a few frames. If you're lazy, I included it in the attachments.
  4. M


    Too much time on their hands, but funny non the less. http://www.wimp.com/mocking/
  5. S

    Heh, Oblivion is going to be awesome.

    Just some little snips of a couple interviews I found: And I can't wait to play with the AI's head :p.
  6. S

    Heh... why didn't I get WoW again? :D

    Warning This link has been rated R by the WSAA (Website Association of America) due to extreme night-elf nudity, mild cursing, etc. http://www.discordguild.org/ Lmao, talk about a little too into roleplaying.
  7. Soulicro

    Heh, my first flash animation.

    Yeah, my first. I decided to be un-original and copy that series of flashes that were on Newgrounds - you know, the one with the dude that goes around and kills people. (Arent many of those now, are there? :P You'll know what Im talking about when you see the animation.) Keep in mind that...
  8. S

    Heh, did this last night.

    I thought it was kind of cool. It's made about my fight against SaiyanPrideXIX in the Fight Club. http://illhostit.com/files/520005856972928/7.avi
  9. Smith

    Heh, did this last night.

    I thought it was kind of cool. It's made about my fight against SaiyanPrideXIX in the Fight Club. http://illhostit.com/files/520005856972928/7.avi
  10. -Origin

    latest (heh) wip

    I've been trying to get back into photoshop, I haven't made anything worthwhile for quite some time now, and with the help of my buddy jnh I kinda got back into it, he has helped me a lot and I've finally made another....wip. Crits, comments? EDIT: Oh yeah, the stock is from...
  11. Soulicro

    Heh, a nice little thing in HL2

    This will probably be closed for spam, but meh. When you first put on the HEV suit in Kleiners lab, he says something like "I see the suit fits you like a glove, well, atleast the glove parts do." Open up the console and type in thirdperson... the only visible models showing are...
  12. The_Forgotten

    Heh, check this out

    -Blam!- Its so funny, I couldn't stop laughing.Except the bad part is that you have to read a lot >_>.
  13. Suh Dude


    Heh...wanted it to be simple....no pixie dust. :X ( Looks horrible Now lol)
  14. Robby

    heh... should of posted this first

    stupid me huh? well im new to site not the game and you guys should know me from my other 5 posts... anyway i like to know when things come out so that leads to my question. When is 1.3 comin out. im lookin for just the best time or you can just ignore me through this whole thing :S -Robby-
  15. DragonDude

    Heh, PCI Fan Cooling Cards

    I've just been looking around at some PC parts to keep myself up to date and I found this: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=120565&Sku=V13-4200 There's a few others on the website, too. Pretty cheap, and sounds pretty effective from the reviews. It'd...
  16. The_Forgotten

    Heh, How often do you get board?

    SOoo........how often do you guys get board?Me for instance, I get board all the time...
  17. C


    how come there will be no 4 forms in 1.3? i cant think of any one exept picoolo and krilin that will not be possible to make 4 forms(all waht i think its from z not gt)
  18. Nuttzy

    heh, its a classic

    i was lookin through my old host the other day and i stumbled upon one of my old models, figured id rerelease it since i thought i had lost it, and i love this model heh --download here--
  19. B

    DBZ TECHNO REMIX i made heh...

    if u want to hear it aim me at b twist boy01
  20. TeKNiK

    heh Another Yu Yu Hakusho Sig..

    Hiei pwns J00.. Critz/comments..