1. EliteMarine

    StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4nNfZwwhYg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SG_3R9BoVvg&feature=relmfu This is going to be the best Game ever. Wings of Liberty is already really good.
  2. Mkilbride

    StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm trailer

    http://youtu.be/SG_3R9BoVvg ...Epic.
  3. wheres_

    Pokemon : Soul Silver / Heart Gold

    Best Pokemon game since the originals / fire red / leaf green. Nostalgia city. Brilliant. For the record, I'm 22 this year.
  4. Deathshot

    Goku's Heart Virus

    So how did Goku get the Heart Virus anyway? Personally I think it was something in the Air on Yardrat... But then again, Trunks said he would hear a lot about it on Earth.... But who knows.... any suggestions or Official Information on it?
  5. Deathshot

    What is something you take to heart?

    I mean seriously, what is something you cherish and take it to heart? Personally... Mine is a list.... -My gf( soon to be wife)... 12 years of friendship and 7 years of true love. -Anime and Manga.... Pretty much how I based my life and learned to respect people. -Friends and Family. (...
  6. sub

    Is the Earth at the heart of a giant void?

  7. Tales

    heart breaks?

    has anyone here ever gone through a heart break?! lol just a question out of curiosity
  8. PiXel

    without a heart in the darkness

    who is dis ? =0 anybody knows?
  9. S

    Mice regrow limbs and heart

    http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5744,16417002%255E30417,00.html :o, pretty cool.
  10. A

    Kingdom heart 2 ****

    Well I have a pretty cool image to show you guy's. http://www.kingdomhearts2.net/gallery/details.php?image_id=460 Anyways I'll be posting some KH2 **** here :D
  11. S

    Heart Help

    Hey guys... how do u make a Heart (Christmas heart form) that is excatly the same size on both sides so they fit together??? :) please give me some tips. last time i tryed to make one the curves was not even close to look alike so it was an ugly heart :) I use Photoshop 6
  12. B

    ... pain ...

    - Down on my knees Hands stretched to heaven above Christ this pain is hard to live with Don't fill my heart with love Engulf my heart with vengeance You need to see our pain Don't fill this heart with love The truth needs to be told - inspired by a whole day of listening to soulfly...
  13. The Noodler

    t.A.T.u wallpaper

    Well i took a few pics from a MSN t.A.T.u group im part of, and i made a wallpaper Surrounding one half of t.A.T.u Yulia. i just pasted them together and faded and stuff, nutthin special just tought i would show it so yea here it is...
  14. TimTheEnchantor

    Some hate going around maybe?

    I cant help but notice but some people are attacking others here on this forum....I dont want that to happen... Art is a form of expression, to see fellow artist's be cynical about remarks is just heart-wrenching for me.. This is a great place, would hate for it to turn to crap due to...
  15. S

    Should E.S.F get more characters?

    I would vote YES!
  16. VivaLaPineapple

    simple not complex

    there have been to many complex wallpapers lately so its time for something simple. and here it is. comments and critiques welcome
  17. G

    Will a Brolli skin ever be made?

    I was wondering if a Brolli skin will ever be made for ESF? there is one already for dragon modz, and i want to know if i could take that one and put it in esf? will there be a brolli model in esf beta 2? if there are brolli models can ugive me a list of the sites that have him, besides redsaiyn
  18. P

    request for nappa model

    he need to be like in the episdoe big muscels and angry i dont know anything in grafics and this things but the people that know can do it i trust you!!!!
  19. M

    plz make a .....

    somone plz make a soundpack for mystic gohan, or even geat the great sayiman sounds plz, i really dont know how to, thx
  20. M

    ESF Maps? WHere 2 Download?

    Hi Folks wanted 2 know where i can download maps for this absolutely Great Mod! best ive ever seen !! GR33TZ Maverick[SSJ4]