1. omnomnom

    So i heard Dam got banned

    I heard it... more over i saw it as well.... trollolol
  2. S

    Does it?

    I'm new in this, but I wanted to know, if I have CS 1.6 steam, will it work if I install ESF on it? If not, I also heard that ESF will work on the HL demo, is that true?
  3. Mkilbride

    Get Godmode in Windows 7

    Create a New Folder in Windows 7 only(Vista can cause ****upery), and rename it GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} Enjoy.
  4. Kaination

    Donnie Darko Sequel. Yeah, you ****ing heard me right.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S._Darko http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1231277/ come on, leave it alone. Don't ruin it. God dammit.
  5. KarrdeKNR

    3 Awesome Metroid Games You've Never Heard Of

    1 hack, 2 fan creations. So yeah, I've just randomly stumbled over this stuff in the last 3 weeks. Unfortunately, only one is playable right now :P 1. Super metroid: Redesign: http://drewseph.zophar.net/ This is a hack that requires the JU version of the Super Metroid rom. Reccomend...
  6. VideoJinx

    Why haven't you heard about this?

    Power your house for free, and never pay for electricity. http://yannone.blogspot.com/2008/02/power-your-whole-house-with-your-own.html
  7. laxjp

    I heard someone say PL

    is they pl changer? command or is the only way to change your way is dragonballs
  8. webber

    Ever heard about "Elemental Fusion"?

    What is it, is it released?
  9. SS4 Gogeta

    Has anyone ever heard of Coast to Coast am?

    Has anyone ever heard of a late night(depending where u are i guess)talk show called coast to coast am? Iv been listening to it for like 9 1/2 years now and it still interesting as it always was. The original host, Art Bell, has now retired but still hosts on the weekend i think. The current...
  10. HisokaXKillua

    i heard

    i heard that you can download a file called go to my pc to get on your freinds computer is that really true.
  11. K

    trying to find this DBZ song i heard on ESF

    well i havent played ESF in a while but i remember hearing this awesome song when you turned the game on... i think the menu had vegeta kicking piccolo in the face and the song was being played in the backround..anyways the song was also played in the show when goku kills majin buu in the...
  12. L

    I heard Luky is amazing

    True story. /discuss
  13. DBZ master

    SOCOM ever heard of it

    i;ve just got SOCOM and im stuck on the third level anyone know how i can beat it
  14. A

    Has anyone heard of this?

    Hey, basically EA is running this competition to win free computers, and it's easy to enter. More details at: Nevermind, someone took my link and made me a sad panda.
  15. PiXel

    Best Albums you heard for now

    Ok list your top 10 or top 5 or top 15.... or else about all your albums you´ve listined too or post your favorites one and worsest one ;) : my Favorites one: Rhianna - Music of the Sun (!!!!!!!!!!!!) Eminen - Encore Fabolous - real talk (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Fabolous - Street Dreams (!!)...
  16. OubliezJe

    have you heard of these?

    Have you heard of ne of these animes? Yumeria Kenran_Butoh_sai Planetes Madlax Monster Initial_D_Stage or Initial_D Bakurestu_Tenshi Daphne_in_brilliant_blue Shura_no_Toki Tenjou Ani-Kraze_Ai_Yori_Aoshi_Enishi
  17. OubliezJe

    Have you heard?

    I dont know if you have heard yet, but for all you alien and predator fans, there coming out with a movie called AVP :talk: :laff: :talk: they already have a trailer (Which isnt that great) but its still lets you know its going to be good :) FINALLY Aliens And Predators face off :)...
  18. P

    [Req] anybody ever heard of legend of dragoon

    yao dudes and dudettets its me. im sure that ppl have heard of the game legend of dragoon for the ps. it was a coo game and the transformations rockd. especially for that char named dart{fire dragoon}, anybody who has finished the game knows that he has 2 transes...hope i dont spoil it for...
  19. U

    Are WAV files the only type that can be heard on CD

    I am looking to burn some music onto a CD so i can listen to it in a CD player. My question is that is WAV files type the only kind of file that can be used, or is there another where the files take up less space? Any help apperciated
  20. Bryggz

    My Bruce Lee Banner/Sig/Background/Or whatever, give crits

    you heard the subject hmmm? :shocked: