1. S

    A new forum competition; Let me hear your best Ultimate Sacrifice for a copy of HL!!

    Uh oh, it's time for a forum competition!! Because of this thread here (http://forum.esforces.com/threads/155037-Vegeta-s-ultimate-sacrifice/page3) I'll give away a copy of Half Life to whoever can do the best Ultimate Sacrifice scream!! You can find a youtube video here...
  2. T

    please hear me out

    Hi ESF I am a long time follower and the new trailer is fantastic and im proud of the hard work. But after watching it, I took some points because in my eyes. I see two playable characters and a working map. I mean I can see the basic fighting working, grabbing is working ki attacks work...
  3. Hellion_Blade

    Did you guys hear about that movie called constipation?

    No? that's 'cause it didn't come out yet! Let the puns begin!! I've got a few more bad ones. Did you hear about the guy who lost his left arm? hes alright now. Some guy got caught in an upholstery machine. They said hes recovered. The peanut had to go to the hospital. He was...
  4. A

    i need help installing (u must hear this alot)

    i have counter strike source and half life source is this good enough to install esf?
  5. Tsunami

    A song DMC fans need to hear

    The moderator Nemesis on the DBZonPS2 forums has been producing music for a long time, but today has raised the bar....... Blessed Requiem I am neither advertising nor promoting him or the DBZonPS2 forum, just posting and awesome song. Lyrics for those that can't understand...
  6. sub

    I can't hear ppls mics

    Well, I can't hear peoples mics in esf. The icon on the side comes up that people are talking, but I hear nothing. Any help? (btw, I can hear people in cs, just not esf)
  7. Final Vegeta

    Yeah you prob dont want to hear this but..

    Any updates on the patch? Its taking quite long, i would like to know hows it going.
  8. D

    My fellow ESFers.. hear me out.

    i think the new teleport is good but not teleport... i saw in gt when they do the new teleport i was something with shadow.. so my suggestion is to make two buttons: one for normal teleport like in 1.1 and other for shadow.. like that will be in 1.2
  9. U

    New Game-Mode.. hear me out

    okay.. this is a different suggestion from any other i have read... don't ever think it have been suggested. its a 1on1 or 2on2. then you set the max amount of transformations/powerups each char will have. cause when you hp hits 0 you transform and will have more ki (should only be 1.5x for...
  10. X

    I know, I know, you said no Single Player (Hear me out pls)

    The way I see it, you already have it made for ya. So heres how it should go: Just add the Ki-Bots (If thats what their still called) in certain levels. Some levels will have a 2vs1 or 1vs1 in store for ya, and everytime you defeat the enemy the map automatically switches? So theres really...
  11. B

    ... pain ...

    - Down on my knees Hands stretched to heaven above Christ this pain is hard to live with Don't fill my heart with love Engulf my heart with vengeance You need to see our pain Don't fill this heart with love The truth needs to be told - inspired by a whole day of listening to soulfly...
  12. S

    SePhIrOtH.......... ReLeAsEd!"

    "EDIT" new link for sephy download http://www.geocities.com/spencerdark/SephirothPack.zip* thx to sephiroth_renzo for hosting it :p so wot ya think of it (i had some freaking trouble with it anims and stuff (i used to do reallly bad anims and ya no they were installed to the model...
  13. T

    A ssj4 gohan

    well i was tired of waiting so im doing a ssj4 gohan heres pic. just need to put the ssj4 hear and fix a flew things.
  14. V

    PLZZZZ help me

    where can i down some cool skins for esf cause i heard lots about some skins and i just want to see some for my self so plzzzzzzzzzzzz leave a url where i can down skins ta and cu on esf servers some time
  15. TwisteR

    sounds that they can all hear?

    i know if you trype something in th econsole like: play sound/goku/trans that will play that sound, but only you can hear it. i want to know how to make it so when a sound plays, they can all hear it. i use amx and admin mod, so if someone can tell me how to do this using one of those, i yould...
  16. S

    please ESF hear me out!

    i have some reall suggestions, and bugs... mabe . the auras should leave a trail when flying ect. . when using aura and flying there should be a different animation showing the player more "focused" . gohan should have some muscel AT LEAST! and not so rounded shoulders! also his...
  17. The Noodler

    t.A.T.u wallpaper

    Well i took a few pics from a MSN t.A.T.u group im part of, and i made a wallpaper Surrounding one half of t.A.T.u Yulia. i just pasted them together and faded and stuff, nutthin special just tought i would show it so yea here it is...
  18. Mr. Satans

    [NEW] Cloud (For Trunks)

    I edited the Cloud model recently released to give him a normal form. Who do I ask for permission...ehh...crap I think I'm late on that one ~_~ damn I'm new to this, anyways I won't release it w/o permission & creds. This edit was extremely simple but I thought it was needed. <center>CREDITS...
  19. TehMuffinMan

    >>>>>CLOUD STRIFE MODEL<<<<<

    latly, ive seen 2 sephiroph models and even a barrett model.. and who are we missing? cloud strife.. thats who.. heres a pic of our work: good is it not? ive been working on this for a decent amount of time now... ive also done a sprite and sounds to, but now onto the technical stuff...
  20. D


    How do I make my model "ONE" file again ? plz tell me!