1. M

    Map size ?

    I was woundering if its possible to make a map that is huge like 5x bigger than normal and if so what settings would i have to change in hammer to do this if any one can help it would be muchly aprchiated.
  2. Ultra33Gokussj3

    My Form 4 Frieza , 100% , BD

    I have made a frieza form 4 , 100% , bd Heres a pic : Hope you like it???
  3. S

    ssj2 gohan

    heres a ssj2 gohan i was workin on today. credits to s bolt for the head, smo for body, orig gohan skinner for body skin, and me for the edit. heres a pic. hope u like it, if u do ill host it.
  4. [SAS]Orion

    Beginner at work!

    yes I bought myself a camera! I know I don't know much about taking photographs, in fact I know nothing apart from point and shoot, making my photographs lack composition and clarity o_O Anyway, i'd like to show this shot of some greenery near my house (there's not much to shoot in my town...
  5. H

    Gohan with cape!

    K here's another small edit....not much just fixed the hair and kinda rescaled and changed some stuff on the cape... PICCIE: Credits: ESF Team - For the Gohan model S-Bolt - For Piccolo with cape
  6. Moshe Kipod Ham

    LOL an ESF map prob

    In esf_mtside u can get more than 7 dbs!!! Just saw it right now and thought u should know :laff:
  7. S

    "What do I need To Make a model"

    I have nothing.I want to make models now that I've seen some great but their not out.I don't know what I need though.
  8. God Gundam

    BD Goku

    for those that care- this one i took more time to make than tha gt goku. see the difference in time and care of the 2
  9. M

    matrix models????????

    can someone make matrix models a neo or ghost or niobe model is a good idea and than must they can make the time slower as atacks must they shoot with weapons (pumpgun,mugnum.....) and they must fight very good, they must fight how they fight in the film. good luck o make it...
  10. |Da|K|

    clock work-indy

    jus some indy i made :-p
  11. K


    what is the best lvl editing software for hl? from a newbie editor:scared:
  12. ultrassj_vegeta


    crits... o yeh i do realise there is a mistake above the wheel... edit: o yeh and another one... i didn make the bg in this one.. i just used a filter to edit dat.. hehehe
  13. M

    painting-photoshop 6

    heres the link: http://www.deviantart.com/view/1860364 This took me a long time to make {about 20 something hours all together}. IT was all made in photoshop 6.0....it was made about a month ago. please tell me what ya think :)
  14. CM

    ESF Goku Reskin (Slight, Also a question)

    this is really just a small difference, he now has a logo on the back of his shirt. I just dont know how to compile it into a MDL file... help. Screenshot: HELP! Credit: original ESF modellers and ME
  15. Mystacx

    re-animate plz

    ok first a message to the mods: "i have not placed this on the final request thread because i my experience it does not work (nobody seems to care or respond) now my prob.: I have a adult-gohan pack (not made by me (the models) and i would like someone to make it 1.1 compatible cause it...
  16. E

    Jurassic Park Online Flash Intro

    INTRO I made it in I think 4 hours. Its pretty simple, I just tried to give a bit of a scare to the viewer. Hope you like it.
  17. S

    Creating a kamehameha

    I'm not much of an artist, but I came upon a pre-kamehameha Vegetto picture, and I just though "This picture looks so naked," so I decided to create the energy in his hands using Corel Photo-Paint Version 8. Custom 1. I made this one first. I made a yellow lens flare, but it was too...
  18. V


    how you can change the attacks of the charactersss can somebody tell me?pleasse
  19. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Namek Goku Done

    Men , when i was looking on my HHD , i found i project i have done for some time and forgot to release it Credit to : AZN - body Real modeler of goku - head Heres a pic: Hope you like it
  20. sexyasian86

    Mega Man X/Rush Armor

    here it is. ^_^ http://www.angelfire.com/dc2/superfreak/Mega-Man-Pack-Banner.gif<--click here if u cant see picture. i got bored? not really. for a mod i'm working for. then i made it for esf. ^___^ replaces gohan wh00t. [PM:hey..soccer, gonna get started on the rush armor for your...