1. I

    Probably a n00bish Q >.<....

    Erm, yesterday i downloaded ESF 1.2.3....before noticing the latest one was 1.3 >.<..... is there any patch or something by which i can transfer the files from 1.3 to 1.2.3? i rem seeing something like that. Please upload it to MediaFire or FileFront >>.<< OFFTOPIC: i KNOW i am not supposed...
  2. Arsenovicius

    My Ass sig >.<

    Well i just couldn't resist Ow only that is a bit difrend then teh others 2 :p Adoults only http://img290.imageshack.us/img290/8673/asssigzr7.png i know it isn't rly good But i think in that sig the most important isn't the bg - or text - or whatever Woot :p
  3. Super_Saiyan_10

    OMG >< LIVE action DBZ movie

    now... most of you proboly know that a live action DBZ movies coming out but for those of u who dont know.... there is but I dont no if its going to suck becouse its not even coming out in movie theaters its coming out on fox ive known this for like half a year now but felt like posting it up...
  4. R

    To Pain and F-Pit controllers >.<

    You didn't even read your own rules? You have to warn the first time someone does something wrong, it says so in F-Pit rules, not just all the sudden ban them for one week and then take my access away. >.< Atleast i want my ****ing money back.
  5. TRSS

    Modeling request thread hate thread >_<

    heres to all the modelers out there, me personally, im sick of the modeling request thread, well not so much as the thread as the actuall requests themselves, some of them are just so rude and demanding, like somebody owes them something, modelers are busy people too ( some more than others >_>)...
  6. $sj Goku


    Ok guys like said in some other thread IM ON A ROLE WITH THESE IDEAS THEY Keep coming :D OK SO HERE GOES... ok adv melee yea.. eh :/ it seems kinda slow and the animation aren't fluint at all... so.... HOW ABOUT THIS??? THE SAME ADV MELEE CONCEPT EXCEPT When the players...
  7. bapplebo

    Another forum suggestion >_<

    How abouts we stickify the 'Rate the Avatar, Title and Signature Above You!' and 'What are you listening to?' Threads. Could sticky some more if the admins want, but the Off-Topic section only has 2 stickystickies =<. /puts on flame-proof suit.
  8. bapplebo

    MS Paint ><

    A simple image, and pixel text. God help me, as I dont have Photoshop atm.
  9. .Maze

    >.< Yai SSJGoku83 its MY birthday -_-

    Crying for ESF forum attention ;D Im not so well know yet XD Congrats too me anyway ;D
  10. imkongkong

    HFIL... really means HELL >_<

    go COLDEH! keep pimping those maps :p
  11. A

    How do I meelee? ><

    Well started today, i can't even kill Bots :P ... How the hell do i meelee? Do i have to approach the enemy or something? =/
  12. ~*Logan*~

    My radio station is provoking me >.<

    The ohio state fair is coming and my radio station is going to have some of their people there to take part in Halo 2 and Battlefield in a tournament tent there (as well as show off unreleased games). Fine and dandy, but then they say this... "You'll have a chance to go up against Zios (sp?)...
  13. N

    Can't find servers >_<

    Alright I click Refresh, Update, yanno the usual to get a list of servers. Doesn't work damnit it's pissing me off. I checked my Filters, it doesn't even show ESF as the Game filter and it won't allow me to click the down arrow to fix it. Sweet jebus this is frustrating. Help would be...
  14. Naz

    I made a sig >_<

    well, not really, it's actualy just my newest poster with slight edits, still, havent made a sig in ages.
  15. S

    5 kinds of people you hate the most >.<

    Post the 5 kinds of people you hate the most, starting with the one you hate the least. 5. I hate people who talk behind my back, and when they're talking to me they act like they're my friend, those people can drop dead -_- 4. People who dont listen and act childish when im trying to...
  16. |Overlord|

    MSN 7.0 Nudge Wars ><

    it seems that's all people do now , i just had a 7player nudge war (to an extent , every1 was nudge spamming 0_o) and plus nearly every1 on my msn list just wants to nudge teh crap outta me & or every1 else on their list if i could nudge you hear and now , i would :p
  17. L

    Router Help! >.<

    I am using a Linksys router and I cannot seem to play online with my brother using a computer next to mine. We are on the same router, however, everytime he joins a game online and I try to join it, it wont let me. It says "[OMFG] Your Name Suckrz" and it disconnects me. I don't know if...
  18. J

    almost finnished >_<

    well after totally remodeling the head, learned to skin, and just generally had a great time seeing megadeth live last week... ive come up with this: (and yes its still work in progress, hence why the cape and arms look ghey).
  19. A

    Nother Question >.<

    Yeah, so I got to finnaly import the goku model but I don't know how to make the skeleton show, can anyone help? ;O!
  20. A

    Help mez >_<

    Help, I can't find this DLL: *Edit* Larger pic: