1. M

    GTA IV - Controversy Already?

    Let me state right off the bat that this isn't an April fools joke. It would seem the recently released trailer for the next installment of the popular Grand Theft Auto series is already causing problems. So far, from what I found, most the controversy is centered on the New York city...
  2. Optimus Prime

    GTA: Liberty City Stories to come to PS2

    Kind of nice, that I won't have to wait for GTA: 4 for the next slice of the GTA pie. Thoughts?
  3. donnierisk

    GTA 4 release date!

    ~ Title: Grand Theft Auto IV ~ Developed by: Rockstar North ~ Produced by: Rockstar Games ~ US Release: October 16th 2007 ~ EU Release: October 19th 2007 ~ Related Links: Press Statement: Official Site...
  4. PiXel

    Gta: SA stunt video

    A friend of mine pleased me to show his video off :) btw. i want to point out that this video got some hard stuff.. like killing people and stuff. so open it when your allowed to or you can watch this. *i´d like apologize for the bad quality
  5. Deman

    Jack Thompson Withdraws from GTA Case Check it out. Apparently he may even have his license to practice law in Alabama revoked.
  6. DBXMe2

    Marty McFly - For GTA SA...? yeA dont ask lol

    As you guys know, I was working on a 3D delorean for GTA SA, and I stoped working on it, cause well frankly I'm uninspired for the car... so I left it in the hands of experianced GTA modders to finish it for me... and I've started making a Marty Mc Fly model so far I've skinned the...
  7. DBXMe2

    DELOREAN for GTA SanAndreas!

    Yo all.. long time no post... been working hard on school stuff... and been getting into GTA SanAndreas... ^_^ so I started modeling a car for the game.. THE DELOREAN DMC-12 and I dont know the poly count.. its low.. I havnt checked yet.. but this is what I've made so far.... crits...
  8. Sicron

    GTA San Andreas...AO (Adults Only)now... yup...cos of Hilary Clinton...San andreas is AO now..well part is to blame themselves, but this means some major stores from what i know (is wal mart a mart...whatever? i dont live in america >.>) because they dont...
  9. C

    ever played GTA for the PC?

    have u ever played GTA for the PC and enjoyed the game..but felt that the game was missing one major part...multiplayer...well guess what some awsome guys are doing..theyre making a mod version of GTA SA for multiplayer..theyve already made it one for Vice City and GTA 3 :) so theyre no...
  10. RageWithin

    GTA: SA Hints, Tips, Etc.

    hey...jus thought id see how many ppl love this game!!! and to post some hints and tips about the game. R1, R2, L1, X, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up thats for body armor, health, respect (i think), and $250,000 now for a the Madd Dogg mission, where you have...
  11. Spunky

    GTA: San Andreas Outline

    I just bought the game, along with the new tiny PS2. Here's what the game mostly has to offer. This should explain why IGN gave it a 9.9/10 (The highest rating they've ever given.) <html> <ul> <li>Car mod shops - Customize your ride with nitro, chrome bumpers, custom roofing, custom...
  12. Ravendust

    GTA San Andreas Paranormal Investigation....

    Hey this thread is for San Andreas fans who hear rumours about the Easter Eggs in San Andreas, so far I know of four, one of which i've seen. 1. Bigfoot/Sasquatch Where: Mount Chiliad When: 18:00-06:00 or thereabouts, whenever it's dark and foggy. What's supposed to happen: Bigfoot...
  13. L

    GTA : San Andreas

    W00t the game has finally been announced today as being GOLD which means mass production can start for the 12 day release. anyway picking this bad boy up?
  14. tekhsheen

    gta: vicity no-cd crack

    :confused: Does anyone have gta: vicity no-cd crack? if you do, plz sed it to me at [email protected] :scared: :devgrin: *Removed just so nobody can send him any ;)* ~ ShAdOw
  15. G

    GTA San Adreas Pt 2

    I did a seach and saw that There was already a thread like this about a month ago started by sakura but since were not allowed to revive older threads i just made a new one :) Anyway here are the newest images for the game let me know what you think everyone...
  16. B

    GTA Sanadreas Bomb Threat News

    This was the biggest cover up of a bombthreat i ever seen and its actually pretty funny everyone tell me your oppions on it :]
  17. Uzumaki Naruto

    Chappele's Show GTA

    Check this out this Chappele's Show Video. Its a parody of GTA. CRAZY FUNNY! Click Here For Video
  18. owa

    Next GTA, Setting.

    I'm bored and highly addicted to GTA: Vice City and the other GTA games, and I'm anticipating Manhunt, and hopefulyl a new GTA game within the next year. I'm just curious when you'd liek to see this game take place, I've seen alot of polls on sites about this so I thought I'd post one here.
  19. owa

    Gta: Vice City, Run Down.

    Hey, I'm slightly depressed lol, I just spent 2 hours, plus Defragmenting time, Trying to clean up my computer and get rid of all my junk, so I could play games again, my comp is really messed up. But I tried to play Starcraft a min ago and it died out on me, so my efforts were in vain...
  20. G

    !!!Question about Skining!!!

    How do I make skins for ESF :confused: :confused: :confused: I know how to make skins for GTA 3 and VC and The Sims, is it the same:confused: :confused: :confused: PLease answer!!