1. Mkilbride

    GTA V

    [GS] Rockstar Has Nothing "to Share About a PC Version at This Time" in Regards to GTA V General GTA 5 talk starts here -Deverz
  2. The Deco

    Playing GTA 4 in the epiciest way possible

    Playing GTA IV in first person, BOTH IN CAR AND OUT! All you need is a custom car pack and the first person mod. It is so amazing it made me play GTA again, and I never play a game for the 2nd time, especially action games.
  3. Nick_Da_Wizard

    GTA IV iCEnhancer 1.35 Screenshots.

    I like it :)
  4. Skyrider

    Looking for GTA type games

    I'm sure you are familiar with GTA.. The game where you can freelance through the whole city, smash and break stuff. I'm looking for games like this one for the PC.. mind sharing a few community? Thanks!
  5. S

    GTA 4 picture joke

    Found on facepunch forums. Source: I recommended that you read through some of them :P (It's more funny when you played GTA 4). Really just by thinking you could play GTA 4 on this graphics makes me laugh :) EDIT: WATCH THIS!!!!
  6. Ness

    PC Port of GTA IV?

    May seem like a stupid question, I'm not really that knowledged about PC technology and stuff anymore, but I was wondering why a PC with better specifications than that of the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, has such huge performance issues running Grand Theft Auto IV? What's the deal, and why does...
  7. Skyrider

    GTA IV :: Released today! RECOMMENDED REQUIREMENTS OS: Windows Vista - Service Pack 1 / XP - Service Pack 3 Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 Ghz, AMD Phenom X3 2.1 Ghz RAM: 2.5 GB Vista / 2 GB XP Hard Drive 18 GB Free Space Video Card...
  8. M

    GTA - Helps Save Lives

    Here's an unusual story, GTA is actually being portrayed in a positive light for helping to save the life of a family. An 11 year old girl knew from playing GTA the dangers of a potential vehicle rollover. With a bit of quick-thinking, she helped pull out her family members to safety and her Mom...
  9. Skyrider

    Looking for a GTA Like Cop PC Game

    I'm looking for a game that is much like GTA 3 & 4 (Free roming/walking game), but you are a cop in it and you have to arrest people. I guess much more information is not really needed. Much appreciated :).
  10. M

    Funniest GTA 4 video ever.

    It is both funny and true!
  11. M

    Judge Says Jack Thompson Guilty Of Misconduct During GTA, Bully Trials

  12. Optimus Prime

    GTA IV: Final Trailer "Everyone's a Rat"

    I closed my other GTA:IV thread so I could justify opening a new one for the final trailer. *drools* This is going to be the definitive game in the entire series. Oh. Wow.
  13. Optimus Prime

    GTA IV: Final Trailer "Everyone's a Rat"

    I closed my other GTA:IV thread so I could justify opening a new one for the final trailer. *drools* This is going to be the definitive game in the entire series. Oh. Wow.
  14. Optimus Prime

    The Latest from GTA IV

    Well, the fourth and final trailer is set to hit next week, March 27th to be exact. In the mean time, a bunch of new media just hit IGN today. And all I can say is that if the following image is 100% in-game, and not touched up, I just crapped myself. I can't say I have ever seen smoke look that...
  15. Optimus Prime

    GTA 4: Trailer #3 Two words people... Oh wow. Planet GTA does a great job of dissecting the trailer as well.
  16. MinioN

    Little help with GTA SA mod.

    I think someone of you know the TV soap "LOST".Well i find i mod for GTA San Andreas that add a big island instead the cities.But at the loading screen after i press NEW GAME the game crash ;(;(;( I was trying to find out what is the problem and i find out that the problem is the file "gta.dat"...
  17. MinioN

    GTA San Andreas help

    Well after you closed my thread i was in need to make another.The CD its not my its from another kid.Its the orginal CD with picture of GTA on it.After i install the game i do not put crack but it says: PLease instert the real CD or ReadMe file it says to copy and paste the files in the...
  18. MinioN

    GTA San Andreas.PLZ instant help

    I was trying GameCam.And i add GTA:SA into GAmeCam with ProfileManager.After that i was unable to play GTA.When i lounch it nothing pops up.Here what i try to fix it and nothing work: 1.I reinstall GameCam and i remove GTA SA from profiles. 2.I reinstall the game. 3.I crack it 4.I crack it...
  19. Optimus Prime

    GTA 4 second trailer to include gameplay footage!

    I think this is the one we've really been waiting for, June 28th, 12:00pm EDT.
  20. Optimus Prime

    GTA IV Q&A

    Based on the answer to these questions, this game sounds even better.
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