1. Nemix

    NNK CG Shaders > ESF 1.2.3

    Is it possible to add the CG Shaders that NNK uses into ESF 1.2.3? The outline, shadows, etc I tried copying the cgshaders folder and the .dll's from cl_dlls folder. But it's still not working. :( There is a CG Shader made by madabouthats http://www.madabouthats.org/projects/cgshader It...
  2. BloodWraith

    Atleast I won't hav to kill the Punisher... :> ok ESF time

    Since they're taking so long to make 1.3 im sure its going to b gud. Apart from lv 2 tranformations, what other cool stuff r they gna add? new maps, chars...any ideas? P.S Im not fully gud...i stil have Rage and my normal evilness :D
  3. Kaination

    Random restarts --> diskboot failure

    Well, if I leave my PC idle for a few minutes (5-10 minutes) my compute rrestarts and when it loads up, i get some error messages. Two out of three are Disk Read Error. and second one is Reboot and select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected boot Device and press a key...
  4. S

    Could a thousand nukes > a single, but huge meteor?

    I got this idea from the other thread and also hope to have the discussion shift over here. What do you think would be more disasterous? To me, a nuclear explosion, while impressive, is just small in scale to the rest of the world. Not only that, but they are more wind and heat with some...
  5. Growler

    To Moderators >:[]

    Had you goin there for a moment, didn't I? Anyway... After seeing [S] warn 3 guys consecutivley... I wondered... What's the record for the most amount of given 'deserved' warnings at one time in a single thread for one situation (ie. Flame war, w/e)? If you show me the thread = bonus points.
  6. E

    IE > Mozilla!?

    From my Slashdot feed on my Netvibes homepage: Link
  7. ZeroNightmare

    Server > Client Sprites/Models

    How can I make it so that on my server the people who join see my sprites or my models that i am currently using? Is there a way to overide their's or something. I've ben in servers where my models were replaced with something else, same with sprites.. How do i accomplish this?
  8. B

    My Sig > Yours

    Bwa ha ha.
  9. |Overlord|

    1.2.3 > 1.3 patch suggestion

    who ever does the installers , do you reckon you could make a 1.2.3 > 1.3 installer so useres of slow internet connections don't have to wait forever just to get 1.3 ?
  10. Diablos

    1.2.2/3 > Strange latency problems.

    This might not be a bug per-say, but it's something that started happening after the 1.2.2/3 patch (i'm not entirely sure which build started the problem because i downloaded and installed them at the same time). If this has been posted before please don't eat me alive, i did quickly look...
  11. .Maze

    AMD Athlon XP -> 64 ?

    Hi. Well my Question is simple. I wanna Upgrade my PC, currently i have an AMD Athlon XP 1800+ (1500 Mhz). But i wanna buy an new Processor, di i have to use AMD Athlon XP or can i JUST buy an Athlon 64 and put that in ??
  12. P

    Error when installing --> gamestartup.mp3

    I always get an error when i instal the version esfb12full. The installing just stops @ gamestartup.mp3 O_O. Does anyone know why i have that error (bug) and how i can fix it ? Thx, Pollement :cool:
  13. shay

    Team Tournament Mod -> Yea!

    i'll try to make it simple : * each player pick 3 different fighters * combat take place in an arena similar to cell games arena * when one of the three fighters of the player loses one of the remaining fighters take his place... (his foe hp stays the same) until one...
  14. O

    !> > > Help Need File < < <!

    hey whats up all im just new to this game (not play'd yet) cause I badly need the cl_dlls and cliendt.dll files if somone would b so kind to sent them to me or just send me there esf folder it would help me alot my aol im name is : Randall3411 or you can email me at [email protected]...
  15. U

    EYE > SK 13-5 in CPL Summer 2004

    Wow.. the name says it all. Does anyone else think this is due to the new money system? I mean... after all... look at SKs performance in many large tournaments AFTER the changes took effect. (getting eliminated in ESCW for example) ....Anyone that watched both SK matches with EYEballers noticed...
  16. D

    Pull off where from? PATCH 1.1 > 1.2

    Pull off where from? ESF BETA 1.1 > 1.2 PATCH where is it ... on www.esforces.com is not work help !
  17. Fenumeher

    splinter cell => the original one

    Hi, I recently bought splinter cell (the original) and I already have a problem with my sound. Does anyone know how to get rid of the "cracking" sound after shooting? It is realy driving me nuts and I don't think its good for my soundblasters. Thx.
  18. Flying Dutchman

    simple half-life modding < help >

    Hi people, a few days ago I started playing Half Life again and it hit me, AFTER SIX YEARS ITS STILL A GREAT GAME. But I`ve played through the game a couple of times before and its starting to get boring < practically memorized the entire game >, I`d like to tweak some weapons to make it more...
  19. Flying Dutchman

    swooping down, < double tap fly down >

    Somebody tell me what im doing wrong, I can`t swoop down anymore, I mean with double tap crouch/fly down or whatever that`s called, I did it a few times right after I installed the game, but now its impossible and I don`t see any1 else doing it either. Has it been taken out or something ?
  20. Mr. Satans

    ~~> Contest <~~

    Hokay, I am in need of two sigs...well...they're actually banners but I wasn't sure where exactly to post this. Alright, I need two 340x56 pixel images for my servers. Server #1 --> Mr. Satan's ESF Playground Server #2 --> Mr. Satan's SC Playground (SC = Sven-Coop) I need something...
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