1. Skyrider

    Google Glass
  2. Mkilbride

    Google Fiber Has Real World Speeds of 700 Mbps Moving to Kansas. Get this? 69.99$ a month.
  3. Mkilbride

    Google has had it, they are going to have all Apple products banned in the U.S
  4. LeeZarock

    Lost in Google - ep.1 - Forever Alone

  5. Deathshot

    Google Beat Boxing

    Alright guys, Lets have some fun with this. Step one: Step two: Change the From Language to German. Step three: Use these to beatbox with "pv" "zk" "bschk" "kkkkkk..." Example: pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk pv zk bschk pv zk pv bschk zk bschk pv bschk...
  6. Deverz

    Google it!

    Every now and then something cool appears via google Like today: Google "Zerg rush" My top score was 66
  7. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Your house on Google Maps!

    For some reason this photo makes it look like I live in paradise. I don't see how?
  8. The Deco

    Google+ out and running!

    So anyone gonna use it? If you already have Gmail its 3 seconds for account setup! I personally don't have Facebook or my-space and im considering starting using it with the launch. Facebook already has a very large users base but many people use Gmail. Do you think Google+ might challenge...
  9. The Deco


    So... Google+ will eventually be released. I am eager to know what will happen eventually. What do you say? Google+ will beat Facebook? Currently face book has around 700 million subscribers, can you imagine half of them abandoning it for Google's? Thing is, you can log in to G+ with your...
  10. Mkilbride

    Google invents self-driving car
  11. Deathshot

    Google wants all the Internets!

  12. Skyrider

    FireFox out of my life, go Google Chrome!

    As of lately, FireFox is getting slower and slower for me and even randomly crashes quite often. Maybe it's the plugins I have installed, though it is not much of them. I always found Google Chrome better than FireFox but it lacked the Extension manager that FireFox has.. but no more.. As of...
  13. J-Dude

    Google Shafts Youtube...Again...

    I think Youtube members might recall a few months ago when we realized every profile page on Youtube had changed to a confusing, awkward format that I can't remember anyone liking, and was even the subject of a "GMod Idiot Box" skit. Well, seems just now Google has decided they're not...
  14. S

    Theme song

    I wanted to ask, where can I find DBZ theme songs? Like the one used on the ESF menu, that one is epic, I tried to google it, but the first one had broken links, the other were Burst Limit songs.
  15. Kaination

    GoogleGoogleGoogleGoogle Where is your God now? Now you can look up bunnys, WW2 history, video games coming out this year, and porn starring a donkey with a wrench up its, well, nevermind. I can get arrested for mentioning it. regardless, i thought this was too awesome...
  16. Nemix

    Analyzing Google's Chrome OS strategy

    Google is developing an operating system of its own, based on the company's Chrome browser and intended primarily for use in low-cost Netbooks. Now I'll tell you why I think Google is doing it. Like any other commercial enterprise, Google is trying to make money... read more.
  17. sub

    Google announces operating system, takes gmail + other apps out of beta

    So Google just announced their own operating system and took a number of the applications out of beta. They now have a browser, an operating system, a mobile operating system (android), and an office suite, an email service, and more money then god. Should MS be worried...
  18. LionHeart

    Google mind****

  19. sub

    Google Buying Valve [Apparently] You know, I'd actually be totally okay with this. This is the one company Valve can sell themselves out to that doesn't result in me getting upset. It might even be a great thing for Steam.
  20. Kaination

    How long until the Google OS?

    That's my question. What does everyone think? Personally, we'll probably see one in about 5 years.
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