1. KarrdeKNR

    Destroy the Team Fortress 2 Golden Wrenches for Charity! Well, this is something neat. Even Valve is promoting this now. I figure I'd drop this here and see how many people I can convince to donate what they can afford. All proceeds are going to "Child's Play". The event is going down on or about the...
  2. M

    Golden Sun

  3. Brim

    GOLDEN AXE!!!!!

    Probably my favorite games of all time were the Golden Axe series on the Sega Genesis. I would play them for hours on end, mystified by the killer soundtrack and extremely believable death sounds of NPCs (yes I'm being sarcastic there). So, I'm browsing games for 360 as I just got mine and I...
  4. DiebytheSword

    Golden Opportunity.

    The Jade Leviathan stirs. I feel the need to warm up before annihilating poor Kelesk, who feels like getting their spine snapped in several places? I'd pick your words carefully pickle... -Kel
  5. I

    Golden Ape

    Hi there this has been siad before The sayian can grow a or something and gather the dragon balls and wish they were golden ape or smething. Have time limit as well they don't crush any body Good and Bad Reasons G(Good) B(Bad) G: Better for Bigger maps B: If someone chops their tail off...
  6. SSj Gotenks

    Golden SUn!!!!

    hEY does anybody here like Golden Sun? It is probably one of the best RPg's to ever come out on a console. It should totally come out on one of the 3 majopr consoles ( no offense to way cool GBA SP )
  7. A

    dragonball af goku ssj5/golden oozaru model

    I have succesfully found a working dragonball af ssj5 goku model someone has made. I have also found a golden oozaru of vegeta that is normal size (i think). Anyway i dun think i can release the model url due to some restrictions of this forums, and i have no idea who made these models for esf...
  8. M

    The Golden Warriors Clan (Join Us)

    Nou ik heb al tijden een clan voor esf je zal er heus wel een paar members van gezien In-Game [>TGW<] maar ik zoek nieuwe members je zal eerst de Trial moeten doorstaan want ik wil alleen de beste spelers als je je hier voor voelt aangesproken dan reageer nu op en laat...
  9. S


    Can somebody make a Oozaru and a Golden Oozaru????????
  10. S

    golden oozaro

    heres a golden oozaro i threw together in about 10 minutes its not done yet. please don't be to harsh it was hard to put together and make. credits to orig. bfp oozaro maker. i'll update later.
  11. DaKD

    BDmg ssj2 majin vegeta

    Hey all i edited azn's awesome bdmged mystic gohan and made Vegeta bdmg ssj2 (cuz i saw how many people were disappointed) but my damn milkshape is expired and i cant save. i skinned it ok but the edits cant be saved so i wanna know if anyone wants this thing so i can go to the trouble of gettin...
  12. A

    My First Sig / Post...^_^

    This is the first time I have posted on any forum. The reason I haven't posted was do to I never had a sig... So i fanally learned a little of Photoshop and got this sig done in 2 hours. I want to make sure it came throw on a post and it is sucked or not? You be the judge.
  13. -Dark Shadow-

    is ssj4 more powerful than a golden oozaru

    well is it?
  14. Naz

    My first wallpaper

    Hiya I dicided to make my first wallpaper, and I'm pretty satisfied with the result :) The pic of Gohan is by AZN_Dragon all credit goes to him any c&C + suggestions is welcome grtz Naz-
  15. ZuL

    The Golden Rocket Crowbar!

    Hello. Some of you don't know who I am, but i hang around RocketCrowbar's forums alot. And I am gonna show you my latest piece of art, the Golden Rocket Crowbar. 1822 polygons, and its not made for any game. Not now. Not ever. I am using 3d studio max 4, if someone asks. There is a newer version...
  16. H

    golden ozzaru?

    hey how about before goku or vegeta turns ssj4 they have to turn into a golden oazzaru for like 1 minute that has half the stats of a ssj 4 and is very large and visible.
  17. fatmanterror

    hey look a good ssj3 goku for once

    hey everybody, this isnt as good as ss_vegetas ssj3 of course but this is based off -DBZ- Piccolos model edit, i only remapped the face and redid the hair a LITTLE but other than that dont say anything about it because im giving him all the credit. and sorry but i swore to keep this in my...
  18. T

    this might be dumb but read this and tell me what you think

    im going to make 3 models but no one laugh just to make the dbz series even cooler im going to make ssj5 goku vegeta and trunks, give me your feedback and do you think i should do them