1. KelesK

    StarCraft: Ghost WP

    It isn't anything special, but hey, rate it if you want.
  2. X

    Space Ghost - Coast to Coast

    How many of you remember this show? I downloaded like 6 episodes. This thing brings back so much memories... I also have the one where supposedly, before the show was named "Space Ghost - Coast to Coast" they would be using Bird Man, but Bird Man kept screwing up and they renamed the show. I...
  3. G

    Ebaumsworld GHOST VIDEO

    O_O Jesus Christ I went to and they had a ghost video that is actually true so I checked it out and I just saw GHOSTS that actually cameras can see because of the frequency thingy o_O I dunno really and then they show pictures of this people and they see ghosts in the...
  4. OubliezJe


    Since its teh Halloween time thought id share this, i had to make this for class, so it was asupose to have sounds, but you cant hear them The Ghost Written By: TANK Introduction I was about to go to sleep when out of the blue I heard a man scream next door. I called nine one, one...
  5. TeKNiK

    sig i made for =SS= Ghost

  6. GhostfaceKillah

    Skyline GT-R R34 WP (WIP)

    **UPDATE AT THE BOTTEM** This is work in progress, suggestions would be appreciated, or if you think its good, tell me. EDIT: When you set the WP as your BG, you cant see "made by GhostfaceKillah", so dont whine about it :P
  7. M

    matrix models????????

    can someone make matrix models a neo or ghost or niobe model is a good idea and than must they can make the time slower as atacks must they shoot with weapons (pumpgun,mugnum.....) and they must fight very good, they must fight how they fight in the film. good luck o make it...
  8. Hawki_ice

    Starcraft Ghost sig

    Not sure wher i got the texture from might have been something DaKiLLa gave me :) Critz? *EDIT* ack i really need 2 get a batter texture this ones crap!
  9. Snow


    Now I know alot of Gotenks models are bing made but does anyone have a Gotenks model already done?
  10. E

    sounds of dbz

    hi all a little question. someone know where i can download the sounds of dbz? i mean like where gohan first time be ssj in room of ghost and spirit. goku fire a kamehameha on him he remember on old time. and the sound on background i mean. someone know?
  11. X

    Which Super Buu would be in ESF? My Suggestion...& Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack Idea

    I know I started a poll on this before on ESF Chat but not as a suggestion... Most people wanted the original Stupid Buu. But He lacks attacks and I think it would be best if either Super Buu with Gotenks and Piccolos powers or Gohan + Piccolo's Powers because he does more attacks than he...
  12. Bryggz

    Gotenks Preference poll

    hey guys i dont want to waste metro-tek's time by him making 3 skins when he can just make 2, so ima ask this one question......first form of gotenks, want him normal or ssj? (plus it makes it easier for me to make 2 models, not 3 :) make those votes! itll make the release quicker
  13. M


    When is S-Bolt--'s Gotnks model coming out. It looks pretty cool. And it looked pretty much finished the last time he posted. So plz put it up fo download S-Bolt . It's sure to be an instant hit!!!!!
  14. Ranma

    Super Ghost Kamikaze atttack

    I'm not suggesting it, simply wondering something, lets say you WERE to put it in (not saying you are or not, maybe an attack for super buu in the later beta's) anyway, i want to know how you might handle it. Would it attomaticly home in on an enemy, or would you control it like you can the...
  15. N

    Art work indeed!

    I named this character Jin Kyto,AKA Night-Fox I have been practicing my clothing and hair sketches since last night and I'd like to know what you guys think! This picture isn't much but a sketch..But I thought I should ask for some crits about this to help me sketch better..Thanx all! ;/ :)
  16. L

    ROGAT - Room of Ghost and Time

    I know that there is a Rogat in the Beta version, but i would be cool if the experience is growing slowly when you are in there and you get killed if you go more than three times into the ROGAT! And when you die you can go another three times into it before you get killed! (In the series the...
  17. VivaLaPineapple

    ghost world

    has anybody seen this movie. its pretty damn good a little wierd on the ending but if u r a fan of the comics i suggest seeing it. thora birch is freaking hot in this movie although some may disagree the goth look suits her very well. and for u people who have no idea what im talking about...
  18. ?

    u need to see this great and brilliant work

    *;/* *Cucumba!*
  19. L

    New maps from me!

    I've made 3 maps for ESF and now i'm working on the "room of ghost and time". It's almost finish but i have to make the temple of god. Somebody would like to have this maps? Write to **[email protected]++**