1. stiffdog

    new website i created

    :] hey guys i made a website about some of my drawings i recently finished a goku drawing and will add it on later today. pics are big need to fix that its still under construction but up and running. go there and see some of my drawings non of its dbz ... yet will add goku sometime today...
  2. Mystacx

    Announcement: Ultimate Gohan pack

    Lady's and Gentlemen, i am proud to announce the coming of a ULTIMATE GOHAN PACK this pack will tweak you esf into a heaven for gohan/ssj2gohan fans it will contain: *normal gohan *ssj gohan *normal gohan goku clothes *ssj gohan goku clothes *ssj2 gohan normal clothes *ssj2 gohan...
  3. VivaLaPineapple

    yes its a wallpaper

    i came across a tutorial that looked fun so i gave it a shot. im aware the grid is overused but i like it on this image. comments and critz plz
  4. sexyasian86

    Edited Bebi Vegeta

    got bored and didn't want to start a pack i was supposed to so i created this. yes i know itz not what it is supposed to look like. but it just looked better SO DONT say it isn't what it looks like :D or i will do soething horrible lol. thank you. remember, it ISN'T WHAT IT IS...
  5. A

    Pikkon Model (High Quality)

    Hey Guys, We are making a high quality Pikkon model, so far we have done the head but we're looking for someone who can do the body. If anyone want's to try and help us... please let us know by sending an e-mail to: M[email protected] Greets, MaxX, Scarecrow, Snake & Amaru...
  6. T

    Who wants Bomberman?

    Ok I got a little bored so i made a bomberman here he is should i put him into esf with sprites and sounds etc...? YOU decide
  7. S

    request: tapion

    Can someone make me a model of tapion? I think he is really cool The man who gave a saiyan his sword should apear in this game
  8. Abhorsen

    can some one gave me the link to get milkshape plz

    so i can us it plz
  9. MasterTrix

    i gave t a try

    I tried something else, it kinda sucks, it took me 10 minutes. i think i'll stick with the 2 i have now ... CRITS ??? maybe now, some1 will reply ... :S
  10. S

    I Need A Good Modling Tool

    hey i need a good modling tool and not gmax i tryed that one and they never gave me a good code :S it says it was invalid so i fu could put a link down for a good one i would thanx u a lot :yes:
  11. S

    golden oozaro

    heres a golden oozaro i threw together in about 10 minutes its not done yet. please don't be to harsh it was hard to put together and make. credits to orig. bfp oozaro maker. i'll update later.
  12. Ryoko

    Freehand of my name ^^;

    Took me a while to make this one, tell me what you think! ALl freehand ^^;
  13. Skinnerfool

    A raditz skin

    lookie what do u think?
  14. Vengaurd

    new deathball

    ive tried for weeks but couldnt come up with anything good...this one i thnk is at least desent. what do you think?
  15. B

    Banned me or gave me a Answere and sorry for the many threads

    Banned me or gave me a Answere and sorry for the many threads A good Answere . Not : we wouldnt have a fusion in ESF . Its a bad answere
  16. Skinnerfool

    Mystic gohan skin

    hello i just made a skin and i don't not where the %#%# to release it so give me links so i'll show pics And i give credit to Azn and that one guy that finshish for him and gave us the download link
  17. T

    Mistery X's Perfect Cell.. Now Downloadable

    Hey I upload Mistery X's Perfect Cell for help after getting it compiled and scaled here ya go, enjoy! ****EDIT**** its getting host on red saiyan too and my bandwitch is dead so im going to use this link DOWNLOAD NOW!!
  18. TimTheEnchantor

    Experiment Manip 2

    The blood under the eyes, I am still working on...please NOTE that lol.. This is a test version below, please note I just want to see comparison's between the two. The one below has no water texture, the top does.
  19. C

    gohan with blue suit?

    if any gohan with blue trainings suit is out there please give me the dl link.