1. Blood_Rain

    How do I use ESF models?

    How do I decompile a ESF model and edit it????? So far I decompiled it with milkshape but dont know how to find the model can some one please help me?
  2. B

    Bebi Vegeta Fused Goku(ONly Goku skin)

    Well i'm a noob but i'm not the ba that post those skins or models and claim credit i'm new and this is my very first skin i ever made and i also use the picture cut them out print it then color then scan it and turn it into a .bmp file then walla made my skin but i'm not going to release it...
  3. L

    Which child of satan gave me a post count?

    I am going to find you! *goes into Evil Ice Cream Commando mode* now which one of you did it
  4. Mr. Satans

    Making Map ~ Suggestions Needed

    I am having a map making craving lol. I haven't made a map for a while (A few months ago I made DMZ_NeoTournament_D/_N). I know what sort of a map I wanna make but I need some suggestions and ideas from all of you to make it better for all players. I am going to make a map that is mostly...
  5. A

    A guy gave me an idea...a new characters.

    Little Trunk and son of Goku fighting together,like ONE character. ex:They melee at the same time.They make Kameha together etc. They could transformate into Gotenks.
  6. fatmanterror

    Well, why not.....

    i see alot of gohans floatin around lately so i gave it a crack.....
  7. Ryoko

    Latest wallpaper (Ranma 1/2)

    Well here it is. I'll be putting a Ryoko wallpaper onto this thread when I create it 2morrow. It'll be in a similar style to this. Comments!!
  8. V

    Models and skins

    :devil: Hi ihr esforces hersteller! Wo kriege ich models und maps für esforces her? Schreibt mir bitte die seite auf meine e-mail adresse auf!! [email protected] Ps:Cooles Game
  9. Y

    Whos has yamcha as a modle?

    I haven't seen no models of yamcha does anybody has one or know where i could find one?
  10. fatmanterror

    Model Edits

    here are alot of edited/new models that ive made/edited/got from DBZ Piccolo To the Models
  11. T

    Please Some Art No More Sigs!!!

    comeon i come to the artwork sectiont o see some artwork maybe compare it to mine. but all i see are these st00pid sig posts!!! SIGS ARE NOT ART!!!!:devil: