1. S


    I been reading 1 of the post. I would like a fusion character in it. But wet there is this one flaw the power lvl. they should have alot of fusion character in it. I know you can be kid trunks or goten and when you reach the right amount of pl then you can fuse. the pl will be X by 1.5 and the...
  2. [ESF]Goku

    Fusions and 2 hand shooting

    Fusions: Fusion beam: 2 players from same team shoot in same place - must press a key same time and faster beam gets slower so the other one can catch it. When they are togeather both of players can move it. If beam + ball then shooter of the beam can only move it. Player+Player fusion...
  3. S

    3 Random Fusions

    Well i was thinking about random fusions, and i did a few doodles, im hoping to model one of em (no promises, and if i do it'll probably be crap), i put a request for a random fusion in the final request thingy, and i said i'd draw any refs if anyone needs one, but heres a few idea's i was...
  4. K


    an idea most of you i guess wont like it...but hear me out....if you are goku, trunks or goten(if they are included)you collect all the DB and you make a wish that goten and trunks fuse....then when you get to the select charater screen you will see gotenks and not trunks or goten....and when...
  5. D

    Should We Have Fusions!!!

    Does anyone but me think there should be fusions, I mean you could get 2 characters together on one team and use something to do the fusion dance only certain characters can transform together. You could find the earings on some levels only they don't show up on the radar. Well some may think i...
  6. stiffdog

    in the future will there be fusions?

    :idea: what about including fusions in the new beta where two people on line can fuse or something.:p
  7. B

    Lets open this Fusions Thread ( PLEASE)

    Lets open this Thread please. I will have more grounds.A fusion wer the best in ESF. More people were played ESF. Please made a Fusion in ESF. PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE . Why probiert your team this not. Why. Made a Fusion ind ESF. And not anywere models as Fusion Please. And lets open this...
  8. mr. roshi


    Mabey if there is gonna be a team play aspect involved (which there proabably is already cause im anub), there could be fusions! like if they add goten and gotenks that would be awesome
  9. P

    Idea for fusions

    Me huge fan of db series don't know if you all gonna add little goten and trunks in the mod or add gotenks separately but if goten trunks are about equally strong enough as normal sj and if there near enough, so that the can do the fusion dance and ofcourse fuse in to gotenks, also the same...
  10. C


    Ok, after I saw a post about gotenks and read all the comments and then I read a thing about transformations and read all teh comments, I thought of this: Trunks and Goten are added into the game as selectable characters. With transformations; Once u go SSJ (1st trans) as either trunks or...
  11. K


    make up sum fusions u think wuld make good characters? like krillin fused with tien wuld make kien !!! hed be pretty srong
  12. Demi-Shadow


    This kinda comes half under models and half under artwork. I need some pics of Gotenks normal front back and side, and gotenks ssj3 front back and side. anyone help?
  13. C


    Ok sry i'll read next time.
  14. V3g3t@


    the fusion thread is not bad but what if they putt the fused characters in the game problem solved:)
  15. Guru_San

    New Fusions!

    Here are some new fusion pics, I no they r arnt real b4 i get flamed just thought i should share Fooler (lol) I like this one odd... ...?
  16. L

    A Tad bit more on Fusions.....

    FIRST OF ALL. SORRY!!!!, i didn't want to drag the fusion topic on, but just an idea. Fusions would just be for certain characters only....so u woouldn't have to make so many models.....and if u wanted to add more then fine....but who ever said u need to make them all at once. Another thing...
  17. Holy Crusader


    Hey you guys said you're planning to add fusions?? How will that be? I think it should be that two people like 1 vegeta and 1 goku gotta do the dance together just like a move, the bar has to fill up for it to finish, and they gotta be near the same PL. And are you guys gonna add Goten...
  18. D

    Fusions 2

    WHY NOT HAVE FUSION? How bout 2 peeps can fuse, but instead of there bein just 1 person, there r 2 fused peeps ex. Goku and Vegeta fuse and make Gogeta. There r 2 Gogeta that can play. HE HE
  19. Mirai USSJ


    I Was Thinking On A Internet Server Where Humans And Bots Are Playing ,What About The Human Can fuse with a bot,dunno how they would do it but theres an Idea to think about FUSION FUSION DANCE EARRRINGS All these could be considered. i Really Hope They Do USSJ Because SSJ2 isnt Much...