1. G

    PuppetpallZ the comic

    Give a big CREDIT to Cold Steel the creator of this funny comic puppetpall z part 1: puppetpall z part 2: puppetpall z part 3 4 and 5 can be found at ...
  2. SSJ n00b

    ssj2 lighting aura dl here edit! Made by AscensionX
  3. V

    Jokster sound pack

    I'm going to start working on a jokster sound pack. This pack will be meant to make all the characters have funny sounds. So if your Vegeta and you get hit with melee, instead of his argh sound there will be Tom from Tom & Jerry doing that owwowhohohohooow. Then for Piccolo there will be a...
  4. Logan4434

    my new site

    well for all those people complaining about me having no more working links to my models,i got a new site and uploaded them(theres even some new ones)so have fun.DONT BLOW MY BANDWIDTH FOOLS!!!!;( edit*my god am i stupidO_o heres the link
  5. D

    My Own DBZ Character Concept :D

    ok i decided to work on a new model probably for esf maybe not see im not to sure yet but anyway hes just from my imagination no concept drawing or nothing hes gonna have kinda like ssj3 hair and stuff and ill post a pic s00n :D ~>~~<~~>~~<~~>~~<~~> Model Status : 15%
  6. DragonDude

    Incredibly fun HL SP Mod! Scientist Slaughterhouse!

    I'm not associated with the making of this mod or anything, so I'm not trying to advertise it, I just want to tell everyone how fun it is! Its a single-player mod. It only lasts about 1 1/2 hours, but its very fun while it lasts. There isn't really a plot, you just get tons of cool modded...
  7. F

    Super Vegeta WIP

    I don't have a website top post pics, i'll try to get one asap. does anyone know how to add vertexes and attach them to certain parts of the model? edit: while i'm at it, does anyone have any ref pics? (preferably from budokai, but i'll take some from the show as well :] )
  8. Mr. Satan

    Fun / Forgotten Mods

    Before Counter "Crap" - Strike became extremely popular, people played many many different mods. It was a great time *sigh* I played CS for a few versions (v1.7b - v1.4) it was fun but its just lame now, it gets worse every version. But anyways, I am just trying to get people into other mods...
  9. V

    Can never find these models

    Does anyone know where I can download these models. And please make sure that the links work I'm tired of getting my hopes up for nothing. SSJ2 Goku Mystic Gohan (not battle damaged) SSJ3 Goku (with good hair and skin) GT Vegeta Broly I've been trying to find those for a while and I...
  10. G

    got new map ready ( small one ) esf_g_tournament check it out ( the esf_sumpthing is still wip) comments always welcome
  11. Hsu

    new flash work

    Ok I have been watching a lot of Invader Zim lately and I love the style used so I made a few things in flash of Gir. I am relly happy with how Gir in his dog costum came out. You will need to...