1. AmoN

    Fun story making thread

    i make this thread because of another thread were u could make a wish and corrupt the other 1... it reminded me of some other game.... it goes like this: we are going to make a story but U CAN ONLY ADD 5 WORDS EVERYTIME...then another 1 add another 5 words to the story and so on. we can make a...
  2. F

    Fun... Not really.

    Bored. Crits and comments are welcome.
  3. D

    Is there a Console command to increase your PowerLevel on a Lan Game?(for fun)

    :confused: Is there and if there is plz post :confused:
  4. S

    OMFG OC fun! >;o

    Well, its the early hours of the morning, and meh and teh uber L337 Diablos started to do some Open Canvas, we were having fun, so we decided to show u the session, you need open canvas to play it =0 if u havent, this is just a snap of what happened ;) Here it is...
  5. -Origin

    KOTOR2 fun? o_O

    Okay so I decided to start my third KOTOR game, everything was fine and all, until I ran into Atton....Asked him who he was and he answered with this; "I'm Atton. I actually wasn't supposed to make it into the final game but I was created at the last minute. Blame my agent. I was actually...
  6. Tassadar

    Fun with Half Life 2

    So, you beat HL2 on Hard mode? Still looking for something to do with it? Well, for those of you who are looking for more to do with HL2 then your in luck. I found a couple neat items on the net, my favorite being the Bullettime mod. Not actually a mod, but rather a small config that, when...
  7. E

    fun for the little guys

    anyone here see the rats maps for halflife? simple concept; seemingly boreing areas turned fun arena's by scaling them up so that the players are the size of rats, id like to see some maps like this
  8. Rayos

    Ape server fun night with map editing

    i have to admit...fusion what you did tonight was pretty awsome...though now my head is completely spinning and i think i won't be able to play for a week ((a few people might like that lol )) but damn man that was some freaky teleporting map changing dragon floating stuff you had...good job
  9. tekhsheen

    Want some fun anyone?

    ok, i have a very annoying brother who slows down my internet speed i i cant play multiplayer, that is why i want someone to hack my brother, i found his ip address... its OMGWTFH4CKED HAVE FUN o_o
  10. Enix

    Cingular Model Fun

    Hehe, what can i say? I was kinda bored ^_^ I made the litte cingular guy and rendered him, all done in max offcourse and the logo and suff was done in photoshop, check it out ^_^ Too much free time XD
  11. S

    depressing photoshop trendwhoring is fun

    well my girlfriend asked me to work on sum webcam photo's she took, and yeah I went all out with the black and white borders.... it jus looked to un-ended without them added, but also makes em look like 90% of the crap u see on deviant art, but hey, each to his own :p crits please
  12. S

    #2 Inuyasha WIP known (for fun)

    here is my wip on inuyasha, i never thot to model him... hehe
  13. darknavigator

    Fun time-waster. You look for the hidden word in the picture. Number 9 is eyeballs, that's the only one I'm saying because I think that one is impossible to see. I already beat it (check the winners list >;O).
  14. I

    Fun sig

    I made this sig for fun, outta no where. :rolleyes: C&C always appreciated.
  15. S

    Iceman -- Just for fun ^_~.

    Welp, read the title if you can :P. /me hopes dueling location is on a mountain with rune carvings drawn into stones surrounding the area :o.
  16. M

    A fun little dbz game :)

    First of all, if this is considered advertizing or anything, please just remove :) Anyway, on the zeq II forum some dude gave this link: Its for at fun little 2d dbz game, not like all those slow boring ones. The graphics are in a way simple, but the fps are...
  17. S

    well, bye guys its been fun...

    well its been fun guys but i got to go.... i messed up with my collage exams and failed, now am in trouble not only with my perants but with the collage teachers, (i have to resit the hole course again so i wont have time to be here any more, so cya guys good luck to you all. ssj Nathan...
  18. K

    here it is! have fun[ EVM ] Client [ V ].zip Theres the link to download EVM. oooo and some models you'll guys will have to get on your own. so have fun with it and dont abuse it. copy and paste it.
  19. M

    a fun idea

    Just a fun idea i was thinking about. I know it would be impossible to play under these conditions, but in the near future, it might be possible. anyways here's my idea: When you start up esf and join a server, you should be allowed to pick between humans or z fighters and baddies. When...
  20. I

    ok need to no the correct console command for fun mode

    in game someone told me that "fun mode" is funusage ingame... i tried that in my own server with bots, ultimate bots, yet i go back to console and it doesnt say any "unknown command" and yet there arent mutiple ps's on one very neglected bot.... i started an new server, type funusage and it...