1. D

    Finding a GooD Buu model

    Hi does anyone know where to find a good super buu model. i already searched the forums and the closest i came was a model for bfp.. TIA!
  2. T

    Could be my best work ever ( Wallpaper: This Is Heaven )

    heya all i made this wallpaper i putted all my skills in it for so far i know this is praboly the best i ever did plz rate and comments
  3. Enforcer ICE

    Vegeta model request (if its been done, please just direct me to one)

    My request is a Vegeta in his default saiyan armor uniform, except instead of blue, its black/gray like on namek. And if possible, have that be his first costume, and his second one is SSJ, with BD(Battle Damage) clothes(also black/gray color) whether he's holding his arm in pain or not doesnt...
  4. A

    Where can I get BFP models?

    I got BFP and I wanna know where I can download some DBZ models for BFP. Like mr. Satan, and goku, vegeta, etc.. Plus I wanna edit a couple and maybe put em in ESF.
  5. HyperSaiyaman

    a lil' aura question...

    Where can i find this aura, please if some1 has it please tell me where can i find it i ve already search it in the forums but still cant find it so plaese i need some help:cry:
  6. $


    hi i dont want to bug anyone i just want a link to some skins. ssj4 goku ssj4 vegeta any good trunks modles perfect cell frieza final form and any good ones of all the other characters thanx
  7. P


    Very good man!:yes: :yes: :yes: But when you release it?? I can't wait!
  8. B

    Model Search Request

    Hi,im new to the fourms and i was wondering if anyone knew where i could probally find a Cooler(frezias older brother)or a Pikion Model i used the search button and searched the forums but cant find them does anyone know if any of theres two models been released yet.....:)