1. -{VC}-EsKiMo

    needed sig

    ok im like a day old in the forums and i was wondung if some one could make me avegeta or mistic gohan sig plz plz plz;D ;D
  2. -{VC}-EsKiMo

    New forums member

    hey i just signed up for forums but ive been playin esf alot longer. any ways hi peeps. if u ever c me my esf name is -{VC}-)V(AJiN EsKiMo-Leader-:devsmile: :devsmile:
  3. S

    need help with a tutorial

    I could need some help here: "Next load make sure Milkshape is the active application and press ALT + Print Scrn. This will copy an image of the Milkshape application. Load Photoshop and use File > New to create a new image. Name the file ref_ body and click “OK”. Using the selection...
  4. D

    ESF 1.1 Model Download URLS

    Ok here is a ESF 1.1 download site I got off these forums th other day German Special Forces They are slowly updating the 1.0 models to acount for the 1.1 animations. kinda hoping Pro and his squad are doing the same because he had some nice edits If anyone knows of other sites that...
  5. B

    sorry to post again but ...

    dark slayer where is my pic? ok i sent dark slayer amy model (ok i canged the real esf model so thanks to the esf team) and im still waiting for a pic so come on if you dont know i tried to do a injurd vegeta (after goku threwing the genki deme at him)
  6. B

    Evolution MOD Model pics

    Here some Pics for the esf Evolution MOD by an Your ESF Source
  7. Vengaurd

    Vengaurds Files (SBC fix for 1.1)

    Check out My Site for some importaint news on my sprite editing for ESF on a side note, i have compleated the Special Beam Cannon Fix for 1.1, no more nazi purple beam cannon!
  8. B

    Any1 makes Krillin art works??

    I just wanna see some krilling artworks I mean is he that bad???
  9. S

    the best fusion model but i nedd someone to make it :)

    hey all who ever played bfp should remember a model it was a fusion of piccolo and krillin and it was called kriccolo lol he was short and green like the beast and he was one of the funniest fake models. he had for attack a blue speacil beam and also made a disk that spread out and attack every...
  10. Vegeta's Briefs

    Are these stories good for the ESF forums?

    After I finish my ESF story (I'm at a writer's block right now, so if you have suggestions PLEASE PM them to me) I will have nothing to give to you guys. I don't like making sequels because sometimes sequels ruin the story, so I'm wondering, are these stories I plan on writing in the very near...
  11. R

    I'm new to the forums

    Hello I am new to the forums and i would just like to say hi! I played on one of the ESF servers with Magus he seems like a cool guy. You guys are doing a great job by filtering out the spam and closing unwanted threads great job on the forums guys.
  12. Logan4434


    does anyone know where to get bfp(bid for power) models?i went to one once but i dont know where anymore :cry:
  13. Z

    need a compiler/ animator

    hy i need some 2 who can compile my models into a q2 model and i need some 1 who can animate m dont ask for pics cous i wil give them when the game is releast
  14. X

    what is Bryce?

    well now i have seen so many peeps talking about somethign called Bryce.. what is it? and is it free?
  15. Colgetto

    download custom model websites...

    does anybody know some websites to download some custom models; like - enz. thx
  16. S


    does anyone know where or if there was a Janemba created?
  17. M

    Need 2 Modelers for new better DBZ UT mod

    My friends and I would like to get 3 decent modelers for our new mod. We already have 1 and we only have couple models. We need one guy or girl that can make our transformation models another to make beams, ki blasts etc. and we also need a 2d artist. if your are interested and have some cool...
  18. Sicron

    forums help

    well i dont get something, how do ppl get letters with a color around it (i dont mean this = COLOR=darkblue) but some ppl have it in their sigs:]
  19. A


    they should add androids in the game:) ;D
  20. V

    Goku Gt !

    ok i searched the forums so dont say use the search button :p But im realy searching for a GOKU GT model.. and i cant find any !!!:cry: So if some1 has a good GOKU GT model then can you please send it to me ? Thnx in advance !