1. T

    now i can't find my hullfile.txt

    i tried searching and the FAQ's but the links i found don't work. can someone help me please thank you in advance.
  2. T

    cant find halflife.wad

    can someone please help iv searched all of my computer using ctrl+c and i cant find my halflife.wad.
  3. T

    Models tutorials + program.. where can i find it

    Hey.. does anyone know where to get a good modeling tutorial where there is also a tutorial on how to animate the models. Also a good palce to find a nice program to be making your models.. Plz help
  4. D

    Anyone know where i can find a android 19 or android 20 model?

    Hey does anyone know if theres a site that has a android 19 or android 20 model?
  5. NinJa HunteR

    For those who can't find Gmax.

    Try this URL: Turbosquid Gmax Since discreet no longer offers it for download. Hope this helps.
  6. G

    a few animations made by myself - is always fun to find about new stuff

    CREDITS to D2 for the model just playing around in 3DSM again, crits will be nice what Goku makes when he is tired of waiting and he has nothing to do...
  7. S

    Where can i find good models

    Im trying to find good models but i cant find anymore that i want on esf world can someone tell me where to go?
  8. ZeroNightmare

    Where to find pictures of high rez guns?

    I've seen cool pictures of guns, very good quality, on white backgrounds, anyone know where to find these?
  9. dakilla229

    can some 1 find

    a pic of Amidamaru of shaman king attacking(good quality)please thx ps google and yahoo didnt help me and some1 can edit this to this color (his clothes and hair)
  10. clen

    Help, Can't find the file map.bsp

    I have everything configured right but it keeps saying "The command failed. Windows reported the error: "The system cannot find the file specified" Help!!!!! Plz!!! :cry:
  11. clen

    Where can i find the hullfile.txt?

    Where can i find the hullfile.txt? I Tried searching for it but couldn't find a link to it :( please help
  12. N

    I cant' find any Dragon Ball Maps.. =(

    hey guys, i've tried going to esf-world, but when i click either GERMAN // ENGLISH. it says i cannot load thepage..., and i've tried alot of maps every where, but i can't find any Dragon Ball maps, could some one point me to one? =D thx
  13. X

    Where do I find a website to Download models for ESF?

    As the subject says :D. Thanks to whoever helps me
  14. D

    I remember a map can you tell me where i can find it?

    in ESF V 1.1 i played a map Called Prison i liked it the dbs Always stayed in the SAME spot so u could wish and wis hand not gather the balls any one know where i can find that map again? Dave
  15. Suh Dude

    Where to find some anime pics...?

    Well, i can't find any anime pics......can anyone help me?? i feel like if i was a noob or something. =( edit: woops, wrong forum, please move it to artwork.
  16. zed

    can't find darksun's turbo aura

    is the thread gone? I saw it here before almost half a year ago. I tried "darksun" and "aura" in the search and i don't see the thread. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I looked at a few sites like esf-world and it doesn't have it
  17. gpas

    where to find .smd plugin?

    just as the name says where can i find a .smd importer for 3dsmax 6 i found one but it was for 3ds max 5 thanks in advance
  18. T

    Where I can find a Sephiroth model/skin????

    Hi everybody......I'm new here.... And I'm looking for a Sephiroth model/skin....... nobody knows where I can find it?????? with exception of that skin that Almighty_gir is doing... tks
  19. NinJa HunteR

    Where to find "esf_battlearena_b3"?

    Where can i find it?! And please try to not post "ESF World" links because i can't enter the page i don't know why..... Thanks...
  20. C

    I Carnt find this map...

    Has any one got the map that has all teh dragonballs all to getter in the corner of the map its just a bit of land and dragonballs all together :] cheers :yes: