1. GokuSS

    GokuSS' illustrious collection of fascinating questions

    Hi - I'd like to know if anyone knows which characters will there be. Any fusions like gogeta or vegito? Gogeta SS4?
  2. Deverz

    THQ files for bankrupcy Seems like they will be continuing to make games but they have another financial interest to please. That's if I'm reading it correctly
  3. FalconFury

    FileFront problems: Cannot download ESF 1.2.3 files

    I am unable to download Earth Special Forces Swoop Trail Plugin and the Swoop dust from FileFront. Can you guys please reinstall these 2 files? and the bounce plugin? thank you. and this to. The ESF powerlevel changer (Hint: Put this file in...
  4. ESForever

    Old Files
  5. Nick_Da_Wizard

    WHAT WOULD HAPPEN. if the devs lost the mod files :O

    would we never see the mod? or is it stored away underground 600 metres inside 60cm thick titanium steel and inside that is a small man called rubin who screams relentlessly at anyone who somehow enters. then the portable hard drive is stashed away in a safe inside of a safe inside of a safe and...
  6. Boogyman93

    Anyone with experience in editing UE3 Engine.ini files?

    I noticed that all Unreal Engine 3 games that I have (Mass Effect 1 and 2, UT3, Gears of War) have an Engine.ini file that can be easily modified to improve the games graphics. So I did some research on what to change from False to True and values to change in order to improve the shadow and...
  7. M

    Esf Sprites folder

    In the sprite folder What files are this I mean what files make the bar the ki bar and etc...
  8. UltraVegetto2


    Hi,I wanted to ask you if somebody could edit a vegeta amxx file for me Thank's
  9. S

    Some help with ESF

    OK, I followed everything I read from this site. I installed Steam, I installed Half-life-1, played some last night, I installed ESF 1.2.3 into C:\Program Files\Dark Ares\Half-Life\esf Made an account on steam, made one on Half-life, all the normal stuff. I can play Half-life just...
  10. E

    Help with esf 1.3...

    Hi everyone I just started with esf and the forum but I alrady need help :p As you see,I have a problem with esf 1.3 Openbeta.When I install it(Into CS)and appears what to install,it only shows the necesary files and I don't even have a shortcut with it.I already have installed 1.2.3...
  11. fululu


    Hello guys need much help of you, how do I add new models to bots. In my esf bot there are only 9 players, how do I add such broly and how to play against broly bot.I 9 tried to change the bots, but not geti.there a tool to edit and add bots? I watched a video on which shows the...
  12. K

    Trouble with .mdl files

    Sorry if this was asked before, I searched the forum but didn't see anything that would help. I'm using esf 1.2.3 and ecx_rc2. I recently tried adding a SSj3 Brolly I found online, I've tried two copies of this btw. Both times I install all the files to Core\Plugins\CX...
  13. Skyrider

    DropBox - Sync your files anywhere

    I just received this from a friend at school, and I must say this is a pretty nifty software. With this software you can sync your files anywhere. It's a small software which "links" your computer to be able to share your files and folders and downloads the files/folders to another computer. It...
  14. Ghost_Ryder

    Some of the better files filefront for ESF

    Frieza Death Ball 1: Download: Frieza Death Ball 2: Download: Krilin Destructodisk: Download: Brolly Disc: Download...
  15. Ghost_Ryder

    Multiple Files Submissions from ESF-World

    MatiasGs Hud: Download: SonGohans PowerKamehameha: Download: Shield Sprites: Download...
  16. Dzamija

    Strange problem with showing hidden files.

    I've had this problem for a while. I want to make my Windows Explorer show hidden files and folders, but every time I try to set that option, it just....doesn't happen. I just go back into Folder Options and it sets itself back to "Do not show hidden files or folders.", instead of "Show hidden...
  17. X

    AMXX files

    is there anyway i can open AMXX files with some prog?tnx
  18. C

    files website down?

    I can't access the 'files' website.. Anyone know when it's going to be back up, or a mirror link to the newest version of esf? Thanks
  19. SS4 Gogeta

    UK Ministry of Defense declassify more files on UFO's
  20. Damaera

    I am a God amongst men - Files page is now fixed.

    Files page is now fixed.
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