1. BladeZ

    Challange to win the Premium for BF4

    the guy that comes closest to the release date wins the BF4 premium super easy (The ESF release date) Rules: 1 answer per person Before the official release date Set it up like this: 24-04-2012 (E-mail)
  2. Heron

    For those who enjoy fast food

    Guess what this is !! no it is not strawberry soft ice cream.. but: still hungry?
  3. The Deco

    MAJOR laptop help, need it fast - comparing 2 laptops

    This is the Packard Bell laptop Processor Type: Intel ® Core ™ i5 processor Processor model 2410M Processor speed: 2.3 GHz Cache cache: 3 MB BUS SPEED: 1066 MHz Screen Screen size: 15.6 " Resolution: 1366X768 Graphics Card: Nvidia GT540 1GB Feforce Screen: LED HD Memory...
  4. DarkVegetaESF

    I need help and i need it fast

    Hello everybuddy im having an issue i bought a new pc and to the old pc i had all my steam games.No i dont have anything,i dont mind downloading them again but i dont see them even on library to download it again,i also cant find my purchase history,any help would be appreciated.
  5. F

    Please help me fast.

    Please can someone help me i want to know 2 things: First-How i can transform ?(just by reaching that level of ki?) The second-How i can download ESF Open Beta: Final because the link on site it didn't work :| (excuse my language ) I hope someone will help me :|
  6. omnomnom

    What the heck is this??! Help, and answer me fast please

    i cant make a server.....WHY?! i just do the normal stuff, i click Create Server, do all that stuff, then click start game, and the very first box that comes up after you click start game, i get that, but then after it loads like a 3rd of the Starteing Local Network or whatever it is, it stops...
  7. omnomnom

    I need some help! Please answer fast

    Can somone direct me to a current Powerlevel changer download? Not one that is used during summoning shenron, i mean one where i just plug in the command? also where would i put it? how do i download it into the game, or folder or whatver? WHAT DO I DO
  8. BlueSaiyan

    Suggestion for firing beams. Make them straight and fast, or controllable and slow!

    I think beams should be able to be fired in two different ways. 1.Beam moves at a faster pace but it is very linear with only the ability to move slightly (as to prevent missing by a matter of a few feet) , making them better for long range. fast attacks. 2. The traditional method...
  9. limbachiyavishal

    Need your help as fast as you can!

    I have downloaded esf 123 and installed it already.. but when I tried to run it it says me that "COULDN'T OPEN client.dlll" what is the meaning of this? well please send me your reply if you have any solution for it.
  10. S

    Fast attack

    I think the game will be more amazing if we can do a kamehameha very fast like budokai, maybe with two fast left click on the mouse? Sorry for my English.
  11. S

    omg plz help fast!

    k ive been trying to download this game for like 4 days now and ive tryed all of the files and i have steam downloaded to and when i tryed to download it on the old website it did the same thing as the new one it gets to were the install location and it wont let me click install so i try and use...
  12. Suh Dude

    How to dehydrate yourself fast

    Ingredients: Mug full of warm coffee (preferred cream) Urge to take a crap Okay, I've just done this a few hours ago for fun for the second time. I'll warn you that if you do try this, get a huge glass of water and maybe be around with someone just in case something does happen. Yes, it'll be...
  13. H

    red storm is rising fast guess this is a serious issue for us that we actually created a monster--china. more our industrial base is moving to china faster than we expecting. more american dollar trade into china and grows their military power and technology. more our...
  14. Skyrider

    Is the forum fast for you?

    Simple poll.. Is the forums fast for you? I'm just interested since it has been over a week now since the new host.
  15. T

    FaSt TrAnSfOrMaTiOn

    :warning: I think it will be cool if it will be possible to transform while swooping/turbo flying/charging powers, because in film they can do it. Think about it :yes: :laff:
  16. M

    Help Fast !!!!! I have a problem.

    Im new here x] (my english is bad =p) When I tried enter in Esf Open Beta, I enter in Multiplayer/Lan Game/Create Game/Advanced and I Hit "Lan Game".Later, I chose the map and hit "Done". But The game stoped in "Loading Game" Here a image: LINK And for I leave the game, I must hit "esc" in...
  17. kenny-DK

    Fast fighting

    SV and I tryed out the fast fighting animations on SV's Gohan and Vegetto model.. And it came out pretty well :) The Gohan animation is made by SV, and the vegetto animation is made by me.. Enjoy! Megaupload youtube
  18. V

    I got a major problem and i need help fast plz!

    Well as the title says i got a big HUB(head's up display)is missing and the game just isnt that good without it..and+ i dont know my ki or hp or anything!!!i need help can anyone tell me how to fix it?:cry: :warning: :warning: :warning:
  19. Andy011

    Goku Fast Trans Sound

    Well, here you go: Goku Fast Trans (IN ENGLISH!!!) So, what do you think, should I upload this baby to Esf-World? o.o It might sound a bit scratchy :p But trust me, it sounds A LOT better in-game. Try it out yourself ;)
  20. Skyrider

    Fan speed to fast problem

    My Girlfriends processor FAN is spinning way to fast. The computer is detecting it and is turning off the FAN. When i disable the safety settings of the fan in the bios settings, the fan keeps, well.. spinning (duh). Problem is, why is the fan spinning so fast? Anyway to make this normal? My bet...