1. Nuttzy

    XBOX 360 failure rates, ESF edition

    well, it doesnt get any simpler than this. please no ps3 fanboys lol, only post if you actually own a 360. mine just conked out for the 4th time, i suppose a normal person would be angry, but the xbox repair process is very painless (and free :D).
  2. SA_Gohan

    Impending Hard Drive failure or Virus?

    Running Windows X64 bit Nvidia Geforce 7300 GS 160gb Western Digital Hard Drive AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ The past two days my computer has been acting really weird. Three days ago, it wouldn't move past the initial boot up screen apparently because I had USB mini-sd card reader plugged...
  3. Kaination

    Random restarts --> diskboot failure

    Well, if I leave my PC idle for a few minutes (5-10 minutes) my compute rrestarts and when it loads up, i get some error messages. Two out of three are Disk Read Error. and second one is Reboot and select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected boot Device and press a key...
  4. RavenTrunks

    Failure on dirextx installation

    When i try installing directX, around half way it gives me an error saying "failed to copy requiered file" then quits. It doesnt say which file it is. Any help?
  5. Sicron

    Searching for failure on Google.

    This is what I found on another forum just now. He entered failure in Google and came up with this: XD so funny! atleast...I find it funny o_o
  6. S

    1.2.3 Install Failure

    Hey for some reason, when i go to install 1.2.3 it get to the part where it says "Click Install to continue" Well the problem is it wont let me click install its all grayed out. So does that mean i have to dl all of the versions and install each one?
  7. Pain

    Memory failure and Donut invisibility

    no idea what caused that just popped up in the middle of my game as for the donut thing: I was playing as buu, I candy beamed someone as he was swooping into me and the candy menu popped up. He began to prepunch me as i turned him into a donut. The donut appeared but I was...
  8. bapplebo


    Wherever I go, death, Whatever I see, death, Have I failed? Have I realized? [/URL]
  9. Skyrider

    Combo failure.

    ookkee..... i explain it like this.. I kick someone on the ground (in ESF ofcourse) walk to him. kick him UP again. i teleport up and want to kick him again. Now i want to know is why is this easyer with gohan then with trunks. or other characters. i can do this everytime with...
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