1. BlueSaiyan

    My old spirit bomb Sound/Sprite! They are still great and on ESF-World! Do you guys like them? It may be a tad bit overdone LOL but I love it. And the sprite!
  2. Mous4u

    ESF-World Help please!

    i need help with ESF World everytime i go on the site it says Not Extended i am useing the new internet explorer 8 and Still says not extended someone please help me with this esf -World i really want to go on it I hope someone can help me.
  3. Ghost_Ryder

    Multiple Files Submissions from ESF-World

    MatiasGs Hud: Download: SonGohans PowerKamehameha: Download: Shield Sprites: Download...
  4. SG_SSJ!

    Where can I download the esf-world models?

    I want this: But esf-world is down!
  5. Otpidarp

    ESF-World link not working

    why is this link ( for ESF World gamers desire not working:confused:
  6. Nemix

    ESF-World, when will it come back?

    hey i wonder when ESF-World will be back up... the link is right :D?
  7. Raine

    ESF-World Issues

    Ok, so whats the problem? Is it that big of a problem to take this long to fix? I might be able to help out, but seriously i can barely work on esf without esf-world -.-
  8. UchihaMadara


    I dont know for you guys but i cant open ... nothing on that website, please help!
  9. Painkiller


    WTF?!! it seems like noone is geting to check the esf-world anymore :( :S and if i don't lie when i last checked the upload was buged! :( it's not fear ! and by the way i look at the new updates of esf 1.3 it get's to be a very good game ^^ ou and by the way what is this "Bucks: 40...
  10. final shine


    i wonder if everyone gets this: Access forbidden! You don't have permission to access the requested object. It is either read-protected or not readable by the server. If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster. Error 403 Sun May 25...
  11. final shine


    well, the newest file contains model rips (madman121 - AF-Gohan), whats up with that, i thaught esf-world dosnt support that >_>
  12. Grega

    ESF-world comunity event

    OK this time im speaking as part of the ESF-world staff. Today we started a special event. The event is for all of you who want to play ESF 1.1 again after a long time and for all those that just want to see how ESF looked before the current version. We have a ESF 1.1 server up and runing...
  13. DJ-Ready

    ESF-World domain problems

    In case you were wondering why and .de aren't working right now, we're working on a solution for that. However, is still working as usual. The .com and .de were redirecting you to that place anyways. so, spread the word ;P
  14. elNarr

    Esf-World Down ?

    Can any of you guys get to at the moment or is it just me ? Just wanting to know since there aren't any other sites to get huds and stuff :S
  15. Alica_goku_ssj4

    Need help with the new esf-world site!!!!

    Where can i find the download button cuz i can't find it anywhere! pls help
  16. DJ-Ready

    ESF-World V6

    Go read the full story at
  17. Spunky


    Yeah, it's acting up for me again... So does anybody have the ESF-World Modelpack? If so, can you upload it to Megaupload or Sendspace?
  18. veqeta

    ESF-WORLD down? :(

    o_o i can't download anything.... it comes up with this in the download menu Warning: mysql_connect(): Lost connection to MySQL server during query in /var/www/filebase/www/popup/filebase_download.class.php on line 6 Lost connection to MySQL server during query
  19. .Maze

    ESF-World Hacked ..again ?

    Anyone else gets the Info that its hacked ?oO Thats the 2nd time already. What do people wanna proof with hacking an ESF Site ?:rolleyes:
  20. Raven

    ESF-World Stats System BETA powered by Corona-Bytes.NET

    Here is the Link CLICK HERE C&C are welcome