1. Skyrider

    Dying in Diablo II multiplayer makes you lose skills?

    I was playing alone today (Diablo II LOD) to gain some levels in multiplayer. I was at level 4 and I died because I wasn't paying attention to my health points. I lost all my money, weapons and Armour.. Find, I can deal with that. But I also lost my fireball skill (I am a sorcerer).. Is this...
  2. Ness

    Dying good samaritan left to bleed to death as bystanders walk past

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/7635862/Dying-good-Samaritan-ignored-by-20-people.html Wow.
  3. Killface

    Is my computer finally dying?

    As of lately... whenever i power on my computer, it takes around 45 minutes to boot up (thats not an exadderation... its seriously 45 minutes). It just sits at the windows loading screen and "loads" for an abnormally long time. The actual Operating System runs fine, its quick with loading...
  4. SS4 Gogeta

    dying Satellite gets blowed up

    I m sure alot of you heard about that failing satellite that was supposed to hit the Earth, well they decided to blow it up instead of letting it hit. http://blog.wired.com/defense/2008/02/video-pentagon.html The missile they used http://blog.wired.com/defense/2008/02/the-weapon-that.html
  5. dan_esf_fanatic

    Do you think the forum is dying?

    Personally, I think I do. In every thread I view, I only see people who have been here for more than 2-3 years, and are therefore, more or less 'loyal' to ESF in some way. Absolutely no more new members are coming to the community, people are just leaving. Another thing is that no one even...
  6. dan_esf_fanatic

    Bees are dying.

    Well, today around 2 PM my dad came from work, and immediately he told me that he heard there's something wrong with the bees all around the world. In America he said that 90% of them have died from something, and that in europe 40% are left. Two of the suspected reasons are cell phone signal...
  7. veqeta

    I think my computer is dying or at least got a virus...

    well as i came home from school today i realised that someone had left my computer on and some strange things have happened since then and i think they're to do with viruses it has a lil icon with a red circle and a white x in the middle and now it keeps spamming the screen and the toolbar with...
  8. imkongkong

    when you're "dying"

    i think once you reach the point where your PL starts to drain, a few things should happen: 1. your speed starts to go down depending on your PL 2. walking/idle/running animations should change to hurt animations. ie holding your shoulder, limping, breathing hard, crawling >_< anyways i...
  9. KidMan

    Namek dying

    So I thought it would be cool if they made a map of Namek when its beginning to blow up. So the sky would be dark and lighting would hit the gound abunch and there would be a bunch of cracks in the ground and maybe some hot lava. Also I was thinking every once in a while a small peice of land...
  10. Valeska

    my dying bride

    Just A Memory Of My X-gf, felt like making something that would hurt. even i dont like the sig, but i like the phome i just made up. For My Fallen Angel... Every Fallen Feather For A Bad Action, Every Little Piece Of my Heart Fading A Way... Recognizes My Reaction, I Dont Give Myself...
  11. S

    Is ESF Dying?

    Is ESF Dying? Or worse DEAD? Ok Im curious what u people think... Personally I think ESF started to Die after Redsaiyan shut down, and i dont really play it anymore. Mabe in part that i dont like DBZ anymore... But I just wanna know what you guys think. P.S. please dont tell me welcome to...
  12. A


    :warning: CAN ANYONE FIND A TUTORIAL FOR AMX MOD/META MOD HOW TO USE IT??? Lol I really want it fast... The websites don't work. I compiled everything but it still doesn't work. Please HELP ME!!!! ;(
  13. H

    change class without dying bug

    Here is my most favourite bug in ESF. When in a power strugle, change your character and you will change to him instantly while strugling! (without dying as a bonus). this is so 1337. The other day i was Vegeta doing a Kamehameha ! LOL O_O
  14. C

    Esf dying out.....

    As much as everyone hates it Dbz is offically over in the US. They are now playing dbz from the beget gining to end but what is going to happen when people that love dbz dont regularly get it at 5:30pm every day. Dbz will begin to die out and esf along with it. Ive seen DBGT and really its...
  15. I

    I am dying! i cant wait!

    I cant wait till 3.0 comes out, i am drooling over your screen shots. Looks really good guys, keep up the good work ;).
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