1. Deman

    Dungeon Fighter Online

    http://dungeonfighter.nexon.net/ Basically it's like oldschool beat 'em up games. River City Ransom, Double Dragon, TMNT Turtles in Time, and such. It's free to play and has a party system to let you go through dungeons with friends. And from what I've seen of the PVP on it, it's...
  2. M

    Dungeon Runners!

    Throughout Gaming history there have always been hack and slashes, In dungeon runners you will take the role of the hero of the Dungeons! You must use your wits, your speed, your strength! All to Get to the 7th level of every dungeon and defeat it's boss to open yet another dungeon! Take heed...
  3. M

    Dungeon Lords

    Alright for those who hate this game please don't say anything, yes i believed the reviews just like anyone else, they said the game was bad. Honestly i thought so at first, you see the other day my brother bought it saw the first fight was 5 goblins so he gave it to me, i can't stop playing...
  4. ZeroNightmare

    DUNGEON KEEPER!!!1one!!

    so whos ever played dungeon keeper! if you havent its like one of the greatest games ever, and you should attempt to get your hands on a copy. too bad they canceled DK3, bastages. yeah... i dont remember how the multiplayer works but if anyone wants to play or try to add me on msn or...
  5. J

    Dungeon Siege 2 - gone gold

    out on the 16th august. early screenshots (from the early beta's i believe) http://ds.heavengames.com/media/screenshots/ds2 DISCUSS!!!! im getting it. the black dragon quest in DS1 was hardcore :fight:
  6. N

    dungeon keeper model neads

    i nead models for my dk map, the things i nead: -dungeon keeper 2 heart -training dummy's -tabel's for in casino -portal diamand's -candles the tings you may make just when you're borred: -imp -upgraid my pc LOL.....just kidding and know i nead to know one thing about mapping: can...
  7. SA_Gohan

    Dungeon Siege 2

    One of the greatest RPG's ever returns in 2004! Check the trailer here: http://www.dungeonsiege.com/ds2.shtml
  8. Styles

    Never Winter Nights or Dungeon Siege??

    Well I got some cash and I'm either gonna get Ds or Nwn have you guys plaed either and if so what would you reccomend?
  9. Styles

    Dungeon Siege Demo?

    Any of you guys out there got DS demo and if you do could I have your ip's so I can vs some1?
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