1. M

    dumb question

    Hey this is my 1st post. (weee) I see transformation vids on youtube where they are all alone on the map how do you do that?
  2. vahn9

    new street fighter movie how dumb

    word on the street is an asian person isn't even going to be playing chun-li if you check other forums you will see chinese people getting super angry about it i think this movie is going to fail i seen the first street fighter and that was trash lol After getting into the movie business in...
  3. Quagmire

    Fish aren't so dumb after all!

    http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,23231704-5001028,00.html Smarter then your average fish!
  4. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Guild Wars -- Did I make a dumb mistake?

    I made a necromancer, then went warrior for my secondary profession. Was this stupid, in the sense that I don't get to wear warrior armor, that I'm basically going to be a necromancer with good weapon skills? Because I am so early in the game it would be smart for me to restart if my combination...
  5. N

    HI maybe this is a dumb question

    Hi, the names jude.I am tryin to setup a dedicated server. I download and the installed the dedicated server from the "played games" menu in steam and i've run it but it doesnt give me the option for esf when i start the server, it gives me the options for all the other games like hl...
  6. Tsunami

    xbox 360..shown to the world by a dumb kid

    ** Removed by LiteNET ** ** Do Not post any links Related to this Topic. Thank You ** the kid's stepdad works at microsoft, and is currently hardware testing the xbox 360. little did the kid know that microsoft has a nondisclosure agreement...in other words, not to tell another soul in...
  7. Son Goku

    okay im an dumb ass

    this month ive decided that every body can call me an dumb ass and a idiot. :p so all in the Esf-team and all people in this forum call me an idiot. :p and please don't say that im dumb just because i made this Thread :S
  8. D

    beam explosions looks dumb

    hi and good day. I think the esf explosions of strong beams ore beams like the gallit gun fire looks dumb. Cause when in the serie a strong beam explodes, on the side of the explosion there is alot of smoke and flying brocks. maybe you guys can add them. ....... ______...
  9. EvilFury

    Sorry if this is a dumb question...

    I know this was stated in the sticky already, but this is really weird. It's about the "Quitting to desktop, without question" error. All my drivers are up-2-date, and still it quits to the desktop.... Here are my system specs: Processor: 2,66 GHz MB RAM: 512 Graphics Card: NVidia GeForce...
  10. D

    dumb question...lol

    can u use models from esf 1.0 in esf 1.1 beta....sorry for the question....i pretty sure the answer is no...but im stupid....so it doesnt matter...
  11. D

    am i dumb, or wut? here ya go team

    http://www.geocities.com/benderbuddy111/ScoreWonID.html?1057441196080 i just finished a game with the devil, well 2 games, in the same server, i was playing with anz-dragon, not the modeler, and majin joined specs, with me and azn and said freeze, i went back in and beat him a few times, and...
  12. T

    [Wow!!] Super Sayin 3 [/Wow!!]

    Well, i was playing some nice ESF on a german server, and all at the sudden, the whole map was filled with blue stuff.. and i saw a goku becoming ssj3, i took some screen shots from it! He told me he was some kind of tester, realy fun he said, and he also said that ssj owns! well, make me a...
  13. I

    dumb ass bug

    when i press fly when getting hit with melee i hit an invisible wall :S and when i fall down when i hit a wall by melee and press fly i keep tumbeling in the air :S :S sorry if this has been said B4 :)
  14. S


    there done with the new tele port. spr!!!. just have to wait.. you dont see that glob of gray dots anymore!! you see your self. go to the esf web site and look.:shocked:
  15. U

    Dumb Noob Question

    Thx man ur tha best :cool: *EDIT* But HOW do i turn Dragon Ball Mode on :p !? Thx u and sorry because i forgot to ask before :scared: *EDIT-EDIT* Sorry for posting the wrong forum :D
  16. I

    Need the 1.1 Goku!

    I'm trying to make a Pyro goku pack, and for cryn out loud! I forgot to make a backup of it when i installed Neds Vegetto. All i need is both the 1.1 versions of goku and ssjgoku. I you would be so kind, could you email it to me at [email protected] ?
  17. M

    Can anyone make me ?

    Can anyone make me wolfwoods cross of trigun, compile in a v and p world view ? thx its for a mod, your name will have the credits
  18. N

    My map ideas

    As some of you know that I am a crazy/creative person...so here are some of my crazy ESF map ideas...I'll see which one gets the more votes and may be my fellow mappers would work on it...
  19. S

    is gmax dumb?

    i dont understand... gmax i cant open mdl files if you dont know how to do please tell another program than milkshape3 and gmax
  20. sexyasian86

    Bojacks Movie Trunks [ :O ]

    well credit goes to esf trunks [ss_vegeta] ssj 4 gogetenks for the torso and arms. and for the hair. also to me for editing the hair and the rest of it. finished the model. *edit here is the new non-ssj trunks enjoy ^_^. the NEW bojacks trunks. *edit2 here is the new ssj...