1. G

    DragonBallZ Levels - new skills, back in action

    Hello all, Just to let everyone knows. The Heroes Of Our Destiny project is back in action. Here is a old level, right now I'm working at to improve it: This level is way far from done! Still need to model Master Roshi, work on the terain, make a weather change, make some...
  2. D

    where can u get the dragonballz esf?????

    i need to know where can i download dragonball z earth special forces if you can help me email me [email protected] thank you very much
  3. F

    DragonballZ music Videos[Please read]

    Sup guys, Im a big big big fan of Dragonball Z music videos.... especially the In the End- Gohan Tribute Its my life - The full DBZ Saga Bring me to Life - Goku vs. Brolli(Brolly?) Anyway.. I found three really good songs for someone to make a DBZ VIDEO.... I just thought of the...
  4. _Goku_

    Only for DragonBallZ fans

    I think this is not related and i posted wrong if that is so then sorry and escuse me , i just want to say that some people with me are starting storyes for a saga that shouldaf been gt , not that stupid thing , and we want to send them to that guy that created dbz not gt if anywone want to join...
  5. I

    people in dragonballz

    would there ever will be broly??
  6. I

    Why are dragonballz stuck??! and how i trow ppl?!

    I dont know how to throw people,cos when i melee attack them they throw me away but i dont know how to do that,please tell me how?! if you know? And some1 tell me why dragonballz sometimes are stuck ?=/ AND I THOUGHT THERE WAS SS2 AND 3???/ ANSWER ME FAST PLIX! i need to know :(! Im only...
  7. A

    Maps for capture the dragonballz

    Are there custom maps where you can play CTDB. I know there are some. But those on lag so much...(old maps) bye
  8. B


    ANy1 can tell me how to activate this game mode plz ;( im quite pissed
  9. jp

    What is the most memorable scene of Dragonballz?

    I would like to know, wich scene of Dragonballz always stays with you
  10. P

    Maybe a map

    Well i might make a map for esf like lets see hmm i think I'll get the map Dmz_fort and make it so it can run on esf well dmz is another dragonballz mod for halflife but is kinda buggy but 1.8 is going to be great. But i seemed to deleted it =(
  11. G

    DragonballZ RPG

    Okay listen up. My friend and I are going to make a RPG about Dragon BallZ We will post at this trhead when we are finished and found a host. The first one is the Sayan saga. When its posted please dont be too harsh becurse we are DANISH. :yes:
  12. DBZFever

    Your favorite dragonballz quote

    My favorites are Gohan: "Saying goodbye is never easy, but it is a neccessary step to saying hello again." Vegeta: "Welcome to the end of your life, and I promise it will hurt." My fav, i dunno why: Vegeta: "Kakorot, when you wake up, it will be all over. I may be gone, but this...
  13. S

    dragonball-z on x-box???

    does anybody think there will be an x-box game about dragonball-z ????O_o
  14. G

    Otherworld Tournament.

    This is an idea for a map. The Otherworld Tournament! Where Goku and Piccon fought. I would be in the shape of a circle and a square area in the center for the fighting area. A chair for the Grand Kai and rocks hovering above it all, like in the show. If no one plans to make it, i've been...
  15. Madd Dog

    Need Some Hurcule Picts

    Well i guess the topic says it all so yeah i need some pictures of hurcule for my new sig that is currently in progress. Any pictures if hurcule will do but preferably i need one doing a pose and one relexed. Any help will be apreated thoe.
  16. RedSaiya

    dragonballz budokai

    Someone can help me? i want to buy budokai but i dont know the game look can you upload in-game pix ?? O_o
  17. A


    I was just wondering where all of you get the high quality pics you use in your sig. I use google but I cant get any good quality pics. Can someone help me?
  18. O


    i collected the dragonballs etc then i get three options immortality friendship and something else (i forget) ....which one is better to use? why? what does each option mean (i.e friendship?).
  19. S

    Need to know a good pic site

    I need to know a really good dbz picture archive. any one know? i wanna start making some more pictures PLEASE HELP
  20. S

    Find the Dragonballz

    After I'd find all the Dragonballz, I wanted to call ShenLong .. But the game crashes instead of the feature of ShenLong .. I don't know, if this bug is known, and I know that my English is like ****, but maybe somebody understoods what I'm meaning :S IF this is not a bug, please help...
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