DragonballZ music Videos[Please read]

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May 25, 2005
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Sup guys,
Im a big big big fan of Dragonball Z music videos.... especially the
In the End- Gohan Tribute
Its my life - The full DBZ Saga
Bring me to Life - Goku vs. Brolli(Brolly?)

Anyway.. I found three really good songs for someone to make a DBZ VIDEO....
I just thought of the following:

1.) The new released song -- The Ghost of You by My Chemical Romance
I really like this song... especially the chorus... it has alot of meaning to it, if you dont belive me....... read the lyrics......... it deals with death and seeing someone in the other world.....

maybe a gohan to goku tribute????

2.) MY FAVORITE Running -- 2pac and Biggie
I know everyone is gonna say WTF!! Rap in a dbz music video, thats just wrong..... i no but this song is really gooood and it really relates to DbZ... it deals with two of the peoples death......... could be easily related to vegeta and Goku dieing throughout the dbz series and theyre rivarly...... especially in the Goku vs Vegeta fight......

3.) So Cold - Breaking Benjamins
Another song about horror and death....... its very good for areas where Goku meets the new "enemy" or when the enemy has reached his full potential and goku or any of the dbz fighters barely have any chance and must transform or something ......... really nice song

Any way...... do you think these would turn out as good dbz videos?
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Jun 8, 2004
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So Cold would be a good one, not so sure about the other two. Give it a whirl with Windows Movie Maker.

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