1. Linda

    any DMZ forum members still around?

    Heyyyyyyyyyyy..... i know this is ESF and all but... the last i heard there were still some DMZ members posting around or lurking. not that i care about the DMZ mod, just the members that posted on the forums. from what i remembered there were always some kickass graphic/sig designers on there...
  2. ace005

    DMZ dragon mod z

    i heard it's bull shie but i've been waitin for a long time to try a new dbz game but i can't figure out why it doesn't work.. i tried installing it, but it just shows me the regular start screen, and when i try playing, it just crashes..
  3. |Overlord|


    ack , i was just reading stuff at the dmz forums , makes my mind kinda warp to another dimension , ack , there forums seem to also have a lota flaming while on the subject of dmz , do any of you bother to play it , after bothering to finally take a look at it in the first time in a millions...
  4. Robby


    for thoe who dont know DMZ was the first ever DBZ mod for HL. Well since its practically dea except for some hardcore fans you can go DL it and most likely see me in there somewhere lol. heres the link to dmz's manuel No advertising please ^-^
  5. O

    i need a working version of DMZ

    could sum 1 send me a working version of DMZ or a link to a site where i could download it plz!!!!
  6. S

    Where Can i download Dmz?

    where can i download this HELP! :cry:
  7. S

    What is DMZ???

    i have a problem what is DMZ i hear is from my bots but i dont know what it is soo plz help me o_o
  8. P

    DMZ model into ESF

    can some1 put an dmz model into esf plz im wanting a brolly into esf from dmz i got he 2 models of brolly into esf ill b very appreciated thnk u
  9. Lord Killmore

    ESF <-> DMZ

    well maybe a useless thread but i just wanted to know: does the ESF team see the DMZ team as some kind of "enemys"? or are you guys staying in touch with them maybe sahring some ideas and stuff. i thought of this since DMZ is about to release their next beta or "pre-Beta"
  10. U

    Convert ESF to DMZ

    Is it possible to convert an ESF Model to DMZ. Basically I am asking what is the proccess. Any help is appreciated.
  11. G

    DMZ webpage ever coming back

    Since i am a lover of all things DBZ i am just wondering when the DMZ webpage will ever come back. I mean i know it went down after that hax0r attack, but I want to see whats up. Anyone know anything else?
  12. H

    What is DMZ?

    What is dmz? ;/
  13. C

    What is da best DMZ or ESF?

    What is the best for you?? I choose esf. NO flaming plz don't cause this thread to be closed!!! Plz if you can't say something good dont say anything or just say what you voted 4! Plz tell me what you voted 4!
  14. G

    DMZ hacked!

    I dont want to be called a traitor or anything, but i also watch DMZ evolve. Dont flame me. MY point is that if you try to go to their webpage, they display a message saying that flagrun,their host was hacked and will be up soon. I am just wondering how secure the ESF webpage is? If it could...
  15. S

    dmz and esf

    wats the difference between these two mods.....
  16. OubliezJe

    esf vs dmz picture (got bored)

    REALLY GOT BORED go there it should be there first picture thats loads tell me what ya think
  17. Renyori

    WhAt ever happened to DMZ??? just wonderin

    cuz i havent visitted the site recently and i was waiting for there new version which was taking forever and now the site doesnt work anymore o_O anyone kno wut happened?
  18. P

    Maybe a map

    Well i might make a map for esf like lets see hmm i think I'll get the map Dmz_fort and make it so it can run on esf well dmz is another dragonballz mod for halflife but is kinda buggy but 1.8 is going to be great. But i seemed to deleted it =(
  19. JDeezNutz

    Vegeta models from DMZ and ESF

    ok i am NOT atal compearing the two mods, BUT... the ssj2 vegeta model looks nothing like the vegeta from the series and the model from DMZ looks nothing fro the series too, i understand i cna not do a better job but all it seems the skinners of the mods are just trying to make the models...
  20. PiXel

    please mapper`s please try it please can u try to make the map esf_trifore or what eber i will be have the map in zelda here are many pictueres :cry: please try it for me please