1. Disguise

    ESF too difficult?

    I just wanted to bring this up for discussion. I've heard a lot of people say they think that a lot of people don't currently play ESF because it's too difficult. Do you agree? I personally think it's due to a few factors. One being that the Ki Attack system is poorly mixed with Melee so that...
  2. S

    Difficult to target on my server?

    I tried searching but couldnt come up with what I needed. I have a dedicated esf server, no special config settings in the server.cfg, but I do have a freshly installed adminmod. Its incredibly hard to target someone , and usually takes about 15 or more tries of clicking like mad to get the...
  3. U

    More difficult to play in own server ??

    Most of you who have been to the ~].SL.[~ Server know that I am the owner and admin of the server. It is run from my house in which I have 2 computers set up-- one for the ded. server and one to play on. When I connect to my own server from my computer, my ping is generally between 2-14. You...
  4. Tweek

    ..Which 1 do u want

    ..Keh i started work on a Perfect Cell a wil bck and i Decided 2 Let Ultra carry on from torso cus he cant P by P model so i though he could get sum Experiance. I also decided 2 carry on so we now hav 2 Cell mdls but U hav 2 decide which 1 u guys want ;) My cell (-EVM- Tweek) This 1 done...
  5. Seph`

    Newbie Modeller ~ Tips? ~ Reference Pics?

    Hi ^.^ I'm a newbie modeller and I need to start out with doing basic humanoid models then move onto the more intricate and difficult 'mecha' modelling. For PFX of course ^.~ I was looking for some tips on modelling humans, and/or some reference DBZ Pics to model with. I am looking for...
  6. M

    Can Someone make me a

    Hi Ok i have a Question can someone make me a Goku that look like when hes Adult in Dragonball !!! I mean in the original Dragonball Series when he fights Tien without his weights !! I think thats not very difficult i hope just edit his feet !! And reskin it !! So if anyone could do it...
  7. Yazuken

    Weird compiling warning and error

    Hey, when i compile i keep getting the following warning: Using Wadfile: \sierra\half-life\valve\halflife.wad - Contains 5 used textures, 100.00 percent of map (3116 textures in wad) Using Wadfile: \sierra\half-life\esf\esf.wad - Warning: Larger than expected texture (348972 bytes)...
  8. M

    Modeling Questions

    sup peeps, I have some questions about modeling in Milk Shape 3D. Ive just started to actually try to make a model (which I never did before). 1) Do you have to use the Half Life bones or do I have to create my own? 2) I know this might sound like a stupid question but, am I supposed to...
  9. B

    Help to a HTML Noob

    Hey If youre taking youre time to read this then i must say "Thank you" otay now on to the problem i have made a few wallpapers and wanna release them but i dont know where to have a host and i would also like it to be a place where you can see once avatar and sig so can you give me a...
  10. Dr. Zaius

    SSJ3 Vegeta

    Has anyone ever made/seen an SSJ3 Vegeta model? I assume this never appeared in the series, but I figure it wouldn't be too difficult to imagine what he'd look like, looking at Goku's SSJ3....If anyone knows of a SSJ3 Vegeta model, plz let me know? I think it would look really sweet.
  11. GMan

    We need some more 1.1 edits

    For real, people =p Can anyone convert some models? I would like some Goku models .. or Buu maybe.. heh.. Just a thought =/
  12. LaMM


    I made a new map, i found it very difficult cuz it was the first time i used a hull file and it caused some problems but ive worked that all out. This map is meant to have a competition, like some 1 on 1 fights. it contains an arena + an area where you can stand an watch the fight or something...
  13. saiyanslayer

    Animated GIF Maker

    Alo alo Which program do you use to make animated pics? I'm at a loss trying to figure out which one to use.
  14. X

    Oh, I think I found a way to get Meteo Combo's in ESF.. kinda difficult to pull of!!

    Ok. Most of you already know what a Meteo combo is. Some of you dont. So let me explain. A Meteo Combo is a combo that you perform by teleporting around in mid air while your enemy is getting knocked around. untill he hits a solid object or gets back on his feet. Heres my idea...
  15. S

    Modeling is HARD!!

    Well, i found a tutorial, got 3ds max, and started modeling using the Box idea.... you guys will probally laugh at me, and im not here to show me GREAT model...... just to say that the people who atleast make it look like a model, are hard workers, and they got my respect ;D This is...
  16. Messiah Daz

    My Sig

    Well I am not so good at graphics but what do you guys thing of my sig? Oh and My Avatar as well.
  17. A

    Little help

    Hey, first post here. Been on ESF channel on irc lately. Ive sorta started mappin, but im still trying to learn some basic techniques. Basically...i want to learn to make half an egg thats hollow....even a sphere that hollow that im able to manipulate is fine. I know this is a key technique...
  18. Z

    New BEARS banner

    This was pretty difficult. What the heck it doesn´t work , help ??
  19. W

    black&white drawings (big)

    It's been a while since i posted anything so here goes This drawing is actually on A3 format (it was alot of work scanning it :p ) i reduced the size by 75 %.. (sorry 640X480 users) This is my first drawing using charcoal... it is a bit out of proportions but it was a test to see how...
  20. Ryoko

    The Man Who Moves The Morning

    This isn't a very good representation of Vash The Stampede, aka The $$60 Billion man, aka The Man Who Moves The Morning O_o But I tried it. I found him kinda hard to draw though, and it shows.