1. Grega

    Anyone want destructable buildings

    Just came up with something. Made a quick map and a movie. Rapidshare: Raistlins FTP: The timing is way off but that can be fixed. And dont ask. When recording my FPS drops to 8 or 7 thats...
  2. D

    destructable skins

    first, love the mod very fun.. brings me back to my days as a dbz head in middle school.second,have you guys looked into this? in all the dbz games out now not one of them has destructable clothes /skins...not even the newest for ps2.why not? i think it would be so cool to have models that...
  3. E

    destructable terrain

    this should be stickied... comming from a mapper the only possable way to make destructable terrain is to pre plan what will be destroid... meaning destructability is entirely up to the mapper... nothing code wise can be done with this engine
  4. S

    looking for maps with destructable terrain

    Does anyone know any maps with lots of destructable stuff? I just have the urge to blow up more then just people when I play...If anyone knows any DMZ maps also like this then I can use those too. If you copy all the wad files from the dmz folder its possible to play those maps too. any...
  5. D

    Destructable Terrain

    This mod should definatly have destructable terrain, especially for the city maps. I'd also like to see lag reduction for modem users!
  6. M

    Destructable maps?

    Are there any destructable maps....... that could add some play points to this alredy great mod!!!!!!!!
  7. MastaKilla

    future Realism

    I was wondering but in the future(if halflife like advances or improves), can u make maps that make relistic damage of the objects of the map. for example, goku gets hit and plows into the building creating damage of the building. OR, Vegita getting hit by a beam and hits a small hill which gets...
  8. Jaredster

    Cool thing to add to maps

    If there is ever a future release of esf_peppercity someone should make it so that the buildings use func_breakable so you can blow them away bit by bit :D :D
  9. I

    Maps Request

    Can Whoever Has Almost Every Map Can u name Maps In Which U Can Destroy Mountains or Building or Maybe Little Planets????
  10. S

    You want a TOTALLY destructable map??

    you only have to wait until tomorrow, or monday...
  11. Ecchi Pr0n

    help ]V[ajin make a map

    in this post i will ask you guys questions and if you know the anserw tell it how do i make things be able to be destructable