1. Y

    Demos :p..

    Here are some demos of me (Grimmjow) playing vs the respected american player Jinx. I was accused of cheating/haxxing by someone today, and he somehow "dared" me to make demos from my view , so i made them :p! besides, use this for your own pleasure, you can learn much from it im sure.. I...
  2. L

    Demos :p

    Since guys here have bad humor (ZEONIX!!! <--- READ THIS !!!!!!) ^^ --------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Links Removed~ Yoruichi vs Drew :p have fun guyz
  3. O

    ESF Duel Demos

    I recorded some demos of Marius and me. Since I recorded them myself you will only see my aim cursor. If you still dont know how to view a demo. Place the file in your ESF folder. Open ESF, go to console, type playdemo omni.dem It should start. demo1...
  4. manontherun

    Need demos

    I need demos of good players, could be used to make a movie of what ESF can do. Any demos are welcome though.:yes:
  5. ~Dark Trunks~

    Post your esf demos!!!

    Like the title post some of your esf demos that youve made. I think it would be pretty fun to see demos people have made. Heres mine. Its nuttin special just a fight between me and a friend. Try to bear with my suck skillz lol. But enjoy =)
  6. $sj Goku

    How Do I Post Demos?

    Hey I have some pretty cool and unique demos I'de like to share, even some for you nubs who wanna learn cool moves. The problem is i have no clue how to post demos.... any help?
  7. M

    Just got my demos of hulk and marvel nemesis.

    Heres what i think of them in brief spoilers, the fighting in marvel nemesis is simple but hard at the same time, a combo of normal and superpower moves mixed with mobility make for one hell of a fire works display. Short demos but kickass ones non the less. I haven't quite figured...
  8. M

    Post your funky ESF demos!

    well it's like the topic with the pics ... BUT .... you have to post the funky battles you recorded ... ( if you don't know how to record please don't ask here )
  9. RavenTrunks

    demos into video?

    Can anyone tell me how to convert demos into AVIs or any kind of video? I couldnt find anything except something that makes multiple pics...
  10. Cyb0rg


    I tryed to make a movie.I made a demo file and i "start movie" in 60 fps.My hdd was full of pictures :). This method is more beter than Fraps ?
  11. True-Warrior15

    ESF Demos

    Can someone make a demo of them playing on a good server and send it to me I just wanna see how people play from there point of view (trying to make a good strategy for poeples moves). Email is Thanks in advance for taking the time to make one. P.S. i'm kinda new...
  12. sub


    Well, I installed 1.1 the other day because I wanted to turn this one demo I had from 1.1 into avi format (was to show my friend somthing). Anyway, whenever I try to play the demo, nothing happens. In console, it says all the information when I first connected into the server followed by...
  13. U

    3RD PERSON DEMOS?!?!?!?

  14. V


    hi, i've recorded a demo, it plays fine ingame, but is there any way i could convert it to play on windows media player?
  15. U

    3rd Person Demos

    Is it possible ? if so how?
  16. U

    3rd Person Demos

    I want to make Music Videos with this mod but I can't make demos in the 3rd Person View! I suggest that be an option plus it would make better demos because you can see the person who is making the demo in action to.
  17. K

    bug with recording demos

    i recorded a demo i playing with trunks ... everything it seems to be ok .. but WTF my self model ( trunks ) .. i dont apear ... its like seen the other players fighting with the invisible man
  18. E

    Converting demos???

    i put this in the n00b thread cause i aint sure and i couldnt find a sticky........ PLEASE dont flame does anyone know how i can convert a demo file to a avi or something.... i just want an answer........ thanx
  19. Mr. Satans

    AVI Demos -- EASY!! READ ME!

    Whoaaa! For people with r0x0ring comps, here's a prog that makes demo to avi making a one step process, the prog is called Fraps check dat shait out bi0tch!
  20. SoulStriker

    Demos >.>

    Everytime I record a demo, then play it back, the aura and player models don't show up. I can't figure out why. Demos for other mods work. Does anyone know why this happens?