1. Mkilbride

    Help me buy a Deep Fryer.

    So I've been using a pan filled with oil to deep fry for years, and it's ok, but it splashes abit and it can be a pain, some stuff gets blackened slightly, or cooking times are hard to measure due to no temp gauge or something, plus trying to space stuff is a pain in the stainless steel pan I...
  2. M

    Missing Matter Found in Deep Space

  3. Escobar


    sup every1... well im back agen with my latest installment.. i cant take credit for the renders they were given by a friend but i can take credit on EVERYTHING else.. critz n comments greatly appreiciated
  4. F

    I think i'm in deep **** >.> Help me

    Okay, so uhhhh, I don't know any other way to say this, so i'm just going to come out and ask the damn question. My girlfriend has an identical twin sister... and uh, apparently she pretended to be my girl friend, and of course I didn't know, so we kinda... you know... did stuff.... is that...
  5. M

    help im knee deep

    plz help me im in trouble. first i instaled esf and halflife without steam and it said could not load client_dll or something like that then i swapped a dll around and now it says cant get dll api what is dll api and how do i get it? i got sick of tryin 2 fix it so i installed halflife thru...
  6. Soulicro

    Deep Blue.

    New set. I call it, Deep Blue.
  7. Optimus Prime

    Real beauty is skin deep... OMG TEH PIX THREAD!

    Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of the year, elect.... POST YOUR FACE BICHES!
  8. Moshe Kipod Ham

    Boo VS Ginyu - deep idle

    Well Masta, lets see if ure right! (see Ginyu's deep idle news 2 understand). Takes me time to think of somethin lol....
  9. N

    Best Book

    I'm out to buy a book to learn how to do 3dmax modeling for esf. What is the best book out there for 3dmax modeling?
  10. S

    fusion model thread #2

    first thing i have to say DON'T SPAM OR FLAME. were still working on it althought we suffered a loss. i guess we could use another animnator. post pics later
  11. Z

    need help exporting

    i edited piccalo and delted his ears and now every time i try i get grabbing .\/piccolo.smd grabbing .\/look_idle.smd grabbing .\/idle.smd grabbing .\/deep_idle.smd grabbing .\/run2.smd grabbing .\/run_backward.smd grabbing .\/walk2handed.smd grabbing .\/walk_backward.smd grabbing...
  12. TimTheEnchantor

    Evil Survives

    Power Corrupts - Evil Survived When man is given power, the more power they seek. Until it consumes them. But when evil grabs ahold, sometimes the human spirit may break. Slowly being wizened by time. Inspired by: Slipknot - Surfacing This took about 2 hrs to formulate. This was...
  13. TimTheEnchantor

    Remember the Holocaust Indy Art Image

    Remember the Holocaust..I know how this may be a horrifying subject to some, but here's a reality check, we don't want this to happen again...that's why we remind you...history shouldnt have to repeat itself in ways like this. Even nowadays, with all the potential of chemical warfare between...
  14. A


    well i was watching an DBmovie u know the 1 of andriod 17,18 when truks go ssj for the first time etc... then i saw that gohan had a cool scare on his face så i wonderd if any 1 wanna make a coll skin if it? pics bellow 1 2 3 4 5 well u know ;D not torn uff cloth...
  15. L

    gohan from histroy of trunks movie

    i was wondering if anyone would be willing to make a model of gohan from the dbz movie "history of trunks".... he looks like adult gohan in the buu saga, but he gets his arm shoot off by androids 17 and 18... if you can just get the adult gohan model and give give a lot of battle damage and...
  16. I

    New model-ic0nz

  17. NightShade

    ban from everquest *takes a deep breath trying not to passout*

    I was working on this quest and a glitch happened. being a 48 hour spawn and it is last part of my epic. i petition a sever gm... he said he could not help me. i lost my temper and asked who can. and when he said...we are not aloud to help with epics... I cussed him. and 4 other gms out told...