1. JTR

    Decompile BF2 Models

    Does anyone know how to decompile a BF2 model? It's in .con format... Ive searched google for at few days now.. I really need a "modern" professional model with 3-5k tris.. And pro skin UW maps etc... I just need it so I can open it with max and get some screenies... It's for a school...
  2. Ryoko

    Decompile, re-create.

    I made this spash screen for fun. I enjoyed it and it was a nice change from signatures anyway ^^; Just after your opinions. White Reflection
  3. M

    whats an MSZ file extension and what program do I use it to decompile it?

    I have that MSZ file and I just ddont know what program I need to read it with I am guessing that its somesort of a model coding system but I just dont know what! please help me out with that one 10x from ahead
  4. Halorin

    An animation problem

    I believe I asked something like this before in the past, but I never got a clear enough answer. I had wanted to use a pair of Trunks models that were made for 1.0 in 1.1, where all of the sword attack animations were replaced with the 1.0 melee animations. If there's someone that could either...
  5. Baaja

    3DS Max 4

    How do you open an hl .mdl model in 3dsm4
  6. NinJa HunteR

    How can i get Models (.mdl) in 3dsmax?

    Sorry if i'm posting in the wrong forum..if so... move it plz How can i get models(.mdl) in 3ds max 4.2 (3d Studio Max) Thx in advance
  7. C

    Modeling Help

    Hi could anyone tell me what tools i need to model in esf and can you convert .mdl in to the modeling program? Thanks
  8. W

    woker new reskin/model edit ssj2vegeta.

    wwwwwwwaaaaaaazzzzzuuuuuuuuuuppp???? ok look i got now 3D max studio 5 and i got SMD import script and SMD export plugin. ok i made this ssj2vegeta . i do "Decompile Normal HL MDL file....." in ms but the prob in ms thet i cant save soo i did Decompile Normal HL MDL file..... to ssjvegeta and...
  9. P

    Help me mlikshape noob

    Ok, this the start im a noob:D so could any1 send me a model frome esf in milkshape formation? (ms3d) so i can see how it works? i have beeing reading all the Stickys... plz help me:D :cry: Send to me e-mail [email protected] :laff:
  10. I

    How can i open or make a new model with milkshape?

    What must i do to import an existing esf mdl model? how do i export it?
  11. MysticVegeta

    quake3 model to esf

    Can any wane tell me how can make quake3 models for esf????? Any wane else did with a zero model
  12. T

    model maker

    Can some one tell me whats the best model maker that works for 1.1 model and works for esf models please i need to no i tryed 3 diffrnt model makers
  13. S

    is there a way to decompile a PK3 file in milkshape??

    like the title says can any one help me?
  14. S

    .mdl decompilers

    does anyone know where i can get one so i can start trying to do edits, or is there some other way of doing it?
  15. S

    is gmax dumb?

    i dont understand... gmax i cant open mdl files if you dont know how to do please tell another program than milkshape3 and gmax
  16. S

    can i have som help with milkshape3d please

    :scared: i need som help with milkshape3d, how i open models from esf? or other like cs, hl, mdl
  17. K

    importing models

    I was wondering how you import models into milkshape so i can edit them?
  18. TehMuffinMan

    Non player .mdl help

    righty then... you know the .mdl's that are in the esf/models section.. the ones that are NOT in the player section like sbc.mdl. im having problems with them and im shure many others do too.. you try it... decompile one of those models in ms3d then try and compile without chaging...
  19. S

    how to open models in milkshape3d?

    how do u open downloaded models into milkshape?

    Help with Gmax

    Can someone tell me how to load and save ESF model files with gmax, so that I can edit it. Please tell me or post a tool or something.
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