1. Kreptyne

    Can't decide on a graphics card

    I have two graphic cards in mind, And would like to know which i should get, These are the two:
  2. Damaera

    Help me decide on which game to get

    I'm stumped. With all these new games coming out all at once, I have no idea what to get, so I'm coming to you guys to help me decide on what game to buy. I'm sort of leaning towards Assassin's Creed 2, but I keep changing my mind, so bleh. I created a poll, feel free to choose one game out of...
  3. Zeonix

    Presidential Election 2008: Zeo vs Sub, you decide!

    It's no different than a European calling an American a Yank/Yankee. In fact, calling us a Yank/Yankee is probably far worse considering the Brits used it in a derogatory way for a time (and still do if Xbox Live is any indication...) Vote for me. I know history.
  4. Optimus Prime

    Did Blockbuster just decide the winner of the next-gen DVD race?

    That's pretty crazy if it's true. Source.
  5. ZeroNightmare

    Help me decide - Zero - Poll

    alright, which one should i use, or do you have some other suggestions, please tell me added another^^ vote for "Extra" vote, leave a comment. tell me some other idea. i like the one i added, and the grey one.
  6. PiXel

    Damn i cant decide! *jap*

    or my cuncurretnly sig :-\ i cant decide man! :] i wont going to change anything.
  7. Growler

    New sigs, help me decide...

    which one do you guys find the best out of these 3?... 1: 2: 3: and also tell me what you think of them
  8. Saiga

    Comparison, help me decide.

    Hey guys, I took a look at my current sig and thought maybe it needed re-vamping. Current; Version 2.0; So, do you guys like the new one, or should I keep my current sig?
  9. C

    R U forgetting the others???

    Man, I would REALLY like to see Tenshin, Chaozu and Yamcha!!! No one seens to remember these guys and that makes me feel bad 'cause they r important too!
  10. V

    Who setsuna will replace?(Lol, how can I create a pool here?)

    Quite important... It will be hard to give him some personalized animation and sounds, if I ‘m not sure of which attacks he will inherit.I can’t decide^^ Finally, I let to you choose... Goku Gohan Picollo Krillin Vegeta Trunks Frieza Cell Buu
  11. Wangster


    well, since i got my new weed tree, ( made topic in offtopic ) i made a lil pic about weed, not done yet, wat ya'll think? Pic removed by Wangster, *dunno if i can post it, any mods/admins that can give me permission?*
  12. I

    chibi trunks

    Here's my chibi trunks skin and this is how far i got on it....:smile: It would look better if i didnt save it as .jpg credits: dunno i got it off a french website
  13. sexyasian86

    New Frieza Model?

    wanted to know which one to make next. Gonna be in the frieza pack. Post a picture of what u want along with the request. That would be helpful to make it faster, heh. Well tell me which one, poll will be up for 1 day and i'll start. lates *edit well i finished 2 of the frieza...
  14. Shinkawa

    Why does no one attempt any (decent)Android models?

    The androids are so cool, but why doens't a pro modeller make a Android (Cell doesn't count) ....
  15. Mr. Satans

    Valve Hammer Editor v3.5b & ESF

    The beta version of Valve Hammer Editor v3.5 has some nice new features, and I was wondering if there is an updated .fgd for viewing models n stuff.
  16. S

    Buying domain, help me decide

    I'm currently thinking of buying a domain for forums. If you want a forum that will look like RS. vote for If you want a forum that will look different from RS , but with same style but on another name. Vote for thanks for...
  17. Marauder

    David guetta

    made a new one. a guy from da helped out with the render(credit to ~moessix-arts) enjoy
  18. N

    People in #esf are morons? Kids? You decide.

    I was logging onto MIRC when I Stumbled upon #esf. First thing that came into my mind was "Wow, this channel has more idlers than people that actually PLAY esf online." Esf is a fun game, don't get me wrong. So as I drooled over the new Beta Screenshots, I proceed to ask the newbest question...
  19. R


    can some one draw me a goten (teen) or gohan (teen) or GOKU (teen) or vegeta (teen) with short hair and electricity flashing around them i wanna see wich one of you have: -inivation -imagination -skill -brains k any one up to the chalange
  20. G

    FIrst skinn try

    Well, I'm doing a skinntrial for TUS .. So tell me some critts ppl ..