1. I

    jin [a trunks reskin]

    here i have a skin of my jin character that stars in my dbhd (dragonball hyper dimension) series... by the way it comes out July 20th. so check it out *credits to Th3Pr0fessional who made the trunks model* well watchya think *crits*
  2. Smith

    Perfect Cell

    Does anyone know where I may get a Perfect Cell model? I'd like a relatively good one. Thanks! :). P.S. I used the search button.
  3. S

    Were Can I Get A Program To Make Skins?

    :scared: Would any one know were I could get one?
  4. Shinkawa

    Why no decent UK servers?

    ever since i upgraded to 1.1 I haven't been able to join a decent server where it doesn't lag constantly, i only play ESF on lan against my bro never online.
  5. T

    Suprise! kina.. ssj2 gohan skinned !

    im really realy sorryfor the delays so i did it all yesterday, tell me what u think, sry for the bad quality pic
  6. CM

    Some quick stuff...

    Before: After:
  7. sexyasian86

    last tribute: GUNDAM model }wip{

    GUNDAM model (WIP) well here is my WIP of a gundam. gonna get some help from ssj4gogetenks. but made that head last night and it's the first model i'm actually dong on my own. well making this for a new mod im in. hope you guys like it, havent really added in the detail parts of the head...
  8. Moshe Kipod Ham

    A new Gogeta From Ned's Vegetto

    All crits to Ned and his awsome Vegetto Gimme crits but don't ask me to release him (Because of the request in Red-Saiyan I'm afraid of squirls :p )
  9. Scorcher2k

    Question for someone who knows models

    I'm looking to attempt making a decent model. In the tutorial I have of someone making a model for cs they say that the included halflife skeleton wasn't complicated enough for cs. I was just wondering if this is the same case for esf or if I can just go ahead and use the halflife skeleton...
  10. M

    Goku King Kai

    Here is my first Skin Edit, Goku with King Kai Symbol on back of his gi. The original skin was produced by the ESF team. They get 99% of the skin credit! I only edited the skin by adding the symbol on the back. I need some hosting for the zip file. Please give some feedback and...
  11. L

    Anyone know any decent servers?

    Does anyone know any decent servers i can go on for some esf action?
  12. CyroTek

    bebi vegeta

    ok, that wasn´t the way it should go, it was my mistake i forgot to send the readme, and after i send it the person who uploaded it wasn´t online so he couldn´t change it, i uploaded it now on a my clan site, with the credits in the pack, so if they are wrong tell me, i´m not perfect so...
  13. VivaLaPineapple

    website header

    im constructing a website layout for a friend so far ive only done the header. im aware it is a bit grundge orientated but ya know what what? grundge is easy to do and it looks somewhat decent on websites plus im not getting paid to do this so i went for the easy root. anyway commetns and crits plz
  14. VivaLaPineapple

    fun with a filter

    lol i used like 2 filters throughout this whole wallpaper and it still looks decent. comments and critz welcome
  15. I


    New Maps
  16. M

    BD Ssj3 Goku

    I got this model from --> RSM Really cool models that I like. (ingame they look really cool :yes: ) :)
  17. Z

    frieza saga battle damegd goku

    where is it ???? and if its not out who wil make it ? and when wil it be out ?
  18. phrack50

    Map Request Dr geros lab

    i have yet to have seen even a decent Dr Gero map for quake, but I'd really like to see one in esf. Heres a few ideas to start off with, if anyone wants to take the challenge. Outside the lab - Can use the same theme as ESF_Riverside Inside the lab - Computers, blinking lights, and of...
  19. SS2 Gohan E

    SS1 gohan

    is there a decent SS1 Gohan in Gokus outfit yet? not the 1 from red saiyan no offense to the person who made it but dats cheap it sux if there is plzz pm me
  20. SS2 Gohan E

    Babidis Ship

    Someone should make babidi's spaceship level where u can teleport in n out juzz like in alpha