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    Should be the last time I work on this model

    I keep telling myself I'm gunna drop this model... but since this is my second one and it's actually kinda decent i keep working on it... This is more of an art-sy picture but it shows the model in it... It's not skinned but just has some color... I need to learn how to skin next... but here it...
  2. S

    The New Goku model

    I don't know if this belongs here, but does anyone else think the new Goku's face looks kinda... fat? I just thought he was a little Chubby is all. Everything else is fine.
  3. D


    hey guiys can you tell me what program you use to make model and skin??? i want to know it plz...maybe i can make good model... DBZ's god (plz staff dont delete plz)
  4. N

    A little question about skinning/modeling

    I want to learn it.. I have GMax.. but that is a modeling program right?? Mayb skinning is more my style .. I don't know.. But how do I learn it??? Greetz... PS: Mayb this should be in the n00b forum. I don't know.. But on this forum are the GODS :D
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    Damn You Vassago And Ss_vegeta!

    arg, those models are just too damn good, AHHHHHHHH!!!.... /me bangs head on wall **note** this is not a flame or insult, just a compliment :)
  6. N

    Fat Buu model is Phat.

    I luv fat buu! He is just lie a little kid. "ME EAT YOU UP!" Last words from Fat Buu before Vegeta honorably blows the shit out of him.
  7. M

    how to?

    i'm interested in creating some skins for ESF. i've got a lot of experience in photoshop so i'm sure i can manage creating something decent. can anyone direct me to some programs/sites that i'll be needing? (ex. model viewers)